CBS Persist: 5 Important Things and Huge Log file

CBS Persist

Want to delete CBS persist file? Is the CBS log file taking a huge amount of space in your device? Don’t worry! We got you covered.

Now you have notice hoe the C drive, or the main drive of your laptop or PC, is always so much occupied. Have you ever entered the Windows folder? Fortunately and unfortunately, you will find so many folders and files in that typical main folder that at once, you will want to delete everything and close the screen. Bow these files are the major source for running windows. Today we will discuss a file called CBS persist, which is a log file. So without any delay, let’s get into the article.


About CBS Persist Log file

If you navigate yourself to the C drive or the main drive of your device where the operating system is stored, you will find a folder named Windows there. If you open that folder, you will find many other different folders that contain several components, out of which one folder will be named Logs. Inside the logs folder, you will find a folder named CBS which is our target folder. After opening the folder, you will find files named CBS Persist log files. Now, this may vary from device to device. In some cases, the files are very few, and the files are many in number in a few instances.

CBS Persist log file

CBS stands for Component-based servicing. The CBS log files involve the logs about components when they get installed or uninstalled during updates done. In the CBS folder, you will find two types of files that are worth, and they are– CBS.log and the other named CBS.persist.log.

Now the CBS.persist.log files are created when CBS.log files are of the size 35-40MB. After that, the size of these files keeps increasing. Furthermore, every user requires the administrator rights to open these log files. The CBS log files store useful pieces of information related to the Windows Trusted installer.

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Can you delete the CBS Persist log files?

The main purpose of the CBS of files and the CBS persist files is to store useful information regarding the windows update. Usually, people tend to free up more space by deleting all the CBS labeled files. Also, they don’t report any problems in the future.

As these files store the information of windows updates, they also have unimportant information about the previous updates. Now, these previous and old versions of windows updates are not important at all. We suggest that you delete all the CBS log files and CBS Persist files except the latest one. The latest file has the information regarding your latest windows update. So, if you face any problem regarding your windows, the CBS Persist file will be there for reference to the troubleshooter. But you can delete the past version of these files without any hesitation and free up a lot of space.

CBS Persist

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How to successfully delete the CBS files

Now to successfully delete the CBS persist files, you have to do a few steps. You cannot just right-click and delete these files successfully.

To successfully delete these files, follow the steps below.

  1. type in the search bar near windows button, services and open the application
  2. Now in here, from the list, find the service names Windows Modules Installer.
  3. Now rightclick on the service and open its properties.
  4. Now disable the start up type from manual and hit Apply.
Windows modules installer

Now go to the directory of those log files. Particularly, C\Windows\Logs\CBS

Now delete the files which you don’t want. Also, confirm the administrator pop-up if asked.

Once deleted, open the services app again and restart the Windows Modules Installer service by the restart button on the top left corner of the window.

Now, this is the successful method of deleting the log files.

Why are the CBS Persist files so huge in size?

Firstly, these log files are created by the Microsoft windows resource checker. Usually, these files are not supposed to be larger than 50 MB. But what happens is after the updates, most of the CBS persist log files are decompressed due to certain reasons. They are initially in a zip format, highly compressed data. But due to some problems, they are decompressed, and thus, it increases the disk space massively.

As an example, you can see below that inside the zip. The file size is so huge.

Cbs persist file

But as a zip, it is only 15 MB

Thus, if the files are decompressed, the size takes up massive space in the disk, which is unimportant. But if it is in a zip file, you don’t have to do anything as it will only have the latest file.

Problems regrading CBS log files and their fixes

Foremost I would like to clarify that the fixes of all the CBS problems are the same. Out of which, few work out to be the solution, and few do not.

Now following are the different types of errors that you may receive:

  • “Error: CBS.persist.log”
  • “CBS.persist.log moved or missing
  • “Not found: CBS.persist.log”
  • “Failure to load CBS.persist.log”
  • Registration failed: CBS.persist.log
  • Runtime error – CBS.persist.log
  • Can’t load CBS.persist.log

Now, these errors usually occur during the time of startup. Following are the fixes. You can manually register CBS.persist.log using Microsoft Register Server.

  • You can manually register the CBS.persist.log wsing Microsoft register server

Type command in the search box, and while pressing Ctrl+Shift, hit Enter. Now a dialog box will appear, and click Yes. Now type the following command regsvr32 /u CBS.persist.log. Now hit enter, and this will first unregister your file. Now type the following command regsvr32 /i CBS.persist.log and hit Enter. Now this will register your file again and probably will fix your problem.

  • Update your PC Driver

This error also occurs when the log info doesn’t match the updated driver’s syntax. You can update the drivers and try again.

  • Install the latest Windows Update

Make sure that you have the latest windows update installed, and this can be done through settings. If not, install the latest update, and your problem may be fixed.

  • Conduct a full scan of the device

Open the cmd in your pc and run the command ‘sfc/scannow.’ This will clean up your pc and check the important files. This solution may also solve your problem.

Here you can find other solutions, but only try this other solution if the ones stated in the article don’t work out for you.

FAQs Related to CBS Persist

Can we delete the latest CBS persist file as well?

Yes, you can delete the latest file, but the chances of you facing more windows problems will increase.

Can we re-compress the decompressed log files?

Yes, you can do that, but they won’t be used and follow a particular process to stay compressed.

What will happen if I don’t disable the Windows Modules Installer before deleting the files?

The files probably will come back or will stay in the device at a particular path.

In The End

Many people find it annoying to see their free space get jacked up with literally unnecessary files that are too so big sizes. This article has mentioned the major problems and the best fixes for them. If you still face problems, then do try the other solutions through the link provided. For more information and clarification, you can visit this link: Do let us know your thoughts. Adios!

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