7 Perfect Patches for CNN Videos Won’t Play in Chrome

CNN videos won't play in chrome


Why do we face this “CNN videos won’t play in chrome?”

Fix CNN videos won't play in chrome

If the users are getting this issue, “CNN videos won’t play in chrome,” the problem might be with the browser or the website.

1.) Obsolete version of Chrome

It is common for a user to have an older version of Google Chrome and become irritated by an uncomfortable feature, absent characteristics, or an irritating bug. Although there may be some security risks, there are times when it is necessary. Additionally, the incapability to turn off automatic updates directly through the browser is a feature that may cause users to have second thoughts.

2.) Problems due to cookies

A crucial initial step in almost every troubleshooting for web surfing is to empty the cache and cookies of a browser window. The ‘cache’ is the browser’s instrument to ramp up the loading procedure. However, once web pages are modified and established, it can cause issues because files stored in the cache could interfere with what’s genuinely marked on the webpage.

3.) Issue with the CNN website

CNN website crash is usually seen. Crashing websites indicate that maybe something happened. A website can crash for various reasons, including code errors, plugin issues, expired domains, etc. Hackers, who purposefully attempt to access the website, are another source of website issues jeopardizing the security.

How to solve the “CNN videos won’t play in chrome” issue?

1.) Reset Chrome

To reset Chrome, take the following actions:

  • Access Chrome, select the three dots at the top, then select ‘Settings.’
  • On the left, click ‘Advanced.’ 
  • Using a Windows device, do the following: open up Reset and Cleanup, after which the user must go to reset settings.
  • Mac and Linux viewers can reboot their settings by clicking Reset Settings and then Restore settings to their earliest configuration.

2.) Remove Cookie and cache

This method can quickly fix the “CNN videos won’t play in chrome” issue.

  • Playing videos on Chrome is often impossible because of cache and cookie data compilation
  • Remove any faulty cookies, history, passwords, or browsing information to allow new videos to load and play.
  • Choose the “More” option and go to “More tools,” then pick “Clear browsing data.”
  • Click the “Time range” tab in the new window and hit “Clear data.”

3.) Enable Flash Player

This approach efficiently resolves the “CNN videos won’t play in Chrome” problem.

  • Start Google Chrome on the computer.
  • Navigate to the webpage (CNN) containing the video users cannot watch.
  • Choose the logo that represents “Lock.”
  • Search for “Flash” in the list which appears and tap on the pointer on the side of the logo. 
  • Select “Allow,” reload the document, and play the clip again.

4.) Disable hardware acceleration

  • When the hardware acceleration function is enabled, it could occasionally interfere with recordings trying to play adequately in Chrome.
  • Navigate to “More” and then “Settings.” 
  • After that, go and pick “Advanced.”
  • Switch the click “Use hardware acceleration when available” off. 
  • Now, re-play the clip to determine whether it performs.
  • It resolves the “CNN videos won’t play in Chrome” problem.

5.) Permit javascript enabling

  • Begin Chrome on the desktop.
  • Pick “More” (comprised of 3 dots on the page). 
  • Then select “Settings.
  • Choose “Advanced” from the drop-down menu at the bottom and move further.
  • Navigate to Privacy and security.
  • Select Site Settings from the drop-down menu beneath this tab. 
  • Next, select “JavaScript” and turn on the Allowed (recommended) choice by tapping.
  • Return to the website where the clip failed to perform and select “Reload” to try again.

6.) Deactivate the plugins

Extensions and plugins can impact the functionality of the browser. When downloaded from questionable 3rd-party websites, those can also be fraudulent. Deactivate all extensions and plugins before attempting to watch CNN videos on Chrome. To deactivate plugins, go to settings and choose ‘Privacy and Security.’

  • Deactivate the mounted plugins in ‘Content Settings.’
  • Press the three dots in the top-right corner of Chrome to delete extensions. 
  • Use “More Tools” to access “Extensions and turn the extensions users see off.

7.) Update app (CNN, Chrome)

  • The most recent version of Chrome is needed to play some videos.
  • If the application is out-of-date, complete the steps below to have it updated.
  • Just go “More” in the browser.
  • Select the “Help” option and “About Google Chrome” from the list.
  • Updates are downloaded if they are available.
  • Updating the CNN application on any android or iOS device can resolve the “CNN videos won’t play in Chrome” problem.

Why can we not play CNN videos on the chrome app on android?

There can be a couple of problems that halt the “CNN videos won’t play in chrome,”, especially on android devices; one of them is an outdated version of Chrome on the device, which needs to be the latest version to activate any video clip. The second one is the restrictions activated by the user on their own device, which must be removed before accessing any video clips online or offline.

How Chrome as a browser has an essential place among internet users?

Numerous individuals now use Google Chrome as their primary search engine. It has many powerful qualities that make it prominent, yet users may not have discovered every single one.


  • Users can view each button’s memory and CPU usage information and plugin Chrome’s taskbar.
  • Google has combined the search feature and address bar into a single input box in Chrome rather than creating different ones.
  • To produce Desktop, Start Menu, and Quick Launch symbols, users only need to press Chrome to regulate the icon from the homepage.
  • An Incognito mode in Chrome allows users to visit websites without having any records of their visits saved.
  • To know more about “CNN videos won’t play in chrome,” go through this whole section.

FAQs on “CNN videos won’t play in Chrome” problem

What reason from CNN end can push this problem?

One common reason from the website end is the disruptions in the server. Apart from that, downloaded videos might have some files missing.

Can CNN videos be played in incognito mode?

To avoid the installation of external extensions, use Chrome’s incognito window to play a video.

Is it free to join CNN?

CNN membership is, indeed, an unrestricted service offered to our customers. After finalizing the simple enrollment process, users will have instant access to all CNN services on every webpage.

The closing words

Given all of the details presented in this article about “CNN videos won’t play in Chrome,” users ought to be able to solve the problem of videos being unable to play in the browser. Furthermore, users can always try another procedure if they access a clip on Chrome that encounters issues or rejects to play.

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