6 Best Solutions for Chrome Opens in a Small Window

chrome opens in a small window

Does your Chrome opens in a small window instead of a full screen? Then get relieved of all your worries on this topic as we have six ways to prevent Chrome from opening in a small window and opening on a big screen.


How to rectify: chrome opens in a small window

Using the Properties

  • Right-click on the Google Chrome icon available on the Home screen of your desktop.
  • A pop up menu will be shown.
  • Choose Properties from there.
  • If you are not in the “Shortcuts” tab, move to there.
  • Change the “Normal Window” option to “Maximised”.
  • Click on OK.
  • Move to the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Uncheck the option of “Disable fullscreen optimization”.
  • Hit Ok -> Apply.
  • Restart your computer and check for corrections.
Chrome opens in a small window
Edit Chrome properties
Chrome window size fix

Increase the widht & height

  • Open a Chrome browser.
  • Click on the fullscreen button available at the top right corner of the window.
  • Close the Chrome window to check if it got fixed or not.
  • If not, try to enlarge the Chrome window manually by placing your mouse cursor on the side edge of the window.
  • The cursor will change into a line with two arrow heads.
  • Click and drag to extend it to the fullest view of the monitor. Do not extend it too far.
  • Close the window and check.

Turn off the tablet mode.

If the feature of Tablet mode is available in your system, then:

  • Open settings, by searching it in the search area of the taskbar.
  • Click on the Tablet option.
  • Move to Change additional tablet settings, and press it.
  • Disable the option of Tablet Mode visible in the settings.
  • Restart your system after saving it.

Turn off Hardware Aceleration

  • Open the Chrome web browser.
  • Open settings after clicking on the three dot icons.
  • Fetch for the “Use hardware acceleration” option and disable it by unchecking it.
  • Hit apply and reopen Chrome.

Change settings to default.

  • In a new tab of Chrome, click on the three dot icons, then on the settings.
  • At the left side, click on Advanced.
  • Choose the last option of Reset and clean up.
  • Click on the Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Choose Reset settings.
  • Your settings will be changed back to the defaults.
update chrome using HELP
Update chrome

Update your browser.

  • After clicking on the three dots icon available at the right-top, choose Help.
  • Move to About Google Chrome.
  • The auto update will start in a new tab.
  • After the update installing completes, you will need to restart your Chrome.

What is chrome opens in a small window

There are three types of window sizes that an application running on your system can have:

  1. Maximized (Full Screen).
  2. Minimized (Hidden).
  3. Manually modified (The breadth and width are altered by the user).

The manually modified size of the window can be half of the size of your monitor, or even a quarter, or anything else, too, based on the user’s requirements.

Similar queries on Chrome opens in a small window

Chrome is open but not visible on the screen?

If the Chrome window is minimized, choose the maximize option after right-clicking the icon at the taskbar.

The chrome window is placed outside the visible screen. How to bring back in the visible screen?

Long press the Shift button, along with Right-clicking on the Chrome icon available at the taskbar.

Then leave the Shift Key.

Select the option of Move.

Your mouse will be placed at the top-middle portion of the Chrome window.

Click the mouse button (left button) to hold and drag the window in the middle of the home screen.

Fix Chrome Opens in a small window for Mac

You can alter the size for Chrome to the fullest or use the Maximize button. After closing the window and reopening it, Chrome will open an entire window.

Chrome opens in a small window for the iPad. How to make it fullscreen

Turn off the tablet mode, if available.

If this didn’t work, uninstall, then reinstall your browser.

Chrome opens in a small window for Linux: rectify

  • Try altering the settings of Chrome, by selecting Maximised for the Run option.
  • Update your browser.
  • Click on the fullscreen button available at the top right corner, then exit and open again.

FAQs on chrome opens in a small window

How to fix chrome opens in a small window issue?

You can try each of the following techniques to solve this small issue:
1. Using the Properties to uncheck the option of “Disable the full screen.”
2. Increase the width & height of the window to full.
3. Turn off the tablet mode in the settings.
4. Turn off Hardware Acceleration for Chrome.
5. Change settings to default.
6. Update your browser

How to fix: Chrome opens PDFs and documents in a small window.

1. Disable all the extensions.
2. Try resizing the window to fill the whole desktop.
3. Uninstall and reinstall Chrome.
4. Change the setting of Chrome to open in a maximized window.


For different purposes, there are different layouts of Chrome. When you do not wish to see the progress of other things, or you are not working with any other apps, then Fullscreen is suitable. We have seen ways to fix chrome opens in a small window so that you can open it in a large window.

If you desire to run other apps and work on them while also working on Chrome, it is beneficial in reducing the size of Chrome.

If you have any other queries on any topics, you can message us using the comment box available at the bottom of the page.

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