Filmora vs Camtasia: Which is Better?

Filmora vs Camtasia

In video editing, Filmora and Camtasia are both equally useful software Both software work on Windows and Mac platforms. Both software has a lot of benefits as well as some drawbacks.

In this article, we will discuss and highlight the important points of both of them. It will make the comparison of Filmora vs Camtasia fair.


What is Filmora?

what is filmora

Filmora is one of the coolest video editing tools out there. It is easy to use, efficient and has a lot of features. For people who want to work with the editing of high-quality videos, Filmora is the best choice for them.

With the support of 4K video editing, a lot of customization, and a wide range of effects, Filmora has become one of the best video editing tools out there. Audio effects, animations, 

Cost of Filmora

filmora pricing for individuals

Filmora comes with four different types of subscription plans. Those are listed below:

  1. Monthly subscription plan: Filmora’s monthly subscription plan comes with some cool features. The user needs to pay a sum of 19.99 dollars per month to avail of the services.
  2. Quarterly subscription plan: It also comes with all the benefits of Filmora software. However, it costs around 31.99 dollars for the subscription.
  3. Annual subscription plan: The annual subscription plan costs the user around 51.99 dollars. 
  4. Perpetual plan: It has a price tag of 79.99 dollars. Only this plan comes with some added feathers as compared to the other plans. However, the user can have a free trial before purchasing the plan. There is also a time cancelation opportunity.

What is Camtasia?

What is camtasia

Camtasia is another useful video editing tool. It has many attractive features like video editing, designing, screen recording, and many more. Camtasia is a leading video editing software for professionals who are really into work with quality videos.

It is easy to use for beginners. Camtasia provides training videos to guide newcomers in the world of video editing. 

Cost of Camtasia

camtasia pricing and features

Camtasia comes with a 30-days free trial for the users.

However, they also have paid plans for the user. It comes with three different plans. Those are as follows:

  1. Individual plan and Business plan: Both plans cost around 249.99 dollars for a single-time purchase.
  2. Education Plan: The user needs to pay around 169.99 dollars to get the benefits of this plan.
  3. Government and nonprofit plan: This plan costs the use 223.99 dollars for a single license.

However, there are discounts for purchasing more plans together. More the volume of purchase, discount will also more.

Reasons to Consider Filmora Over Camtasia

There are a lot of reasons to consider Filmora as your good-to-go video editing tool over Camtasia. Here are some points that put Filmora ahead in the comparison of Filmora vs Camtasia. Those are mentioned as follows:

  1. Easy user interface: Filmora has a user interface that is easier than Camtasia. However, it is impossible to judge everyone’s preference. However, many users choose Filmora over Camtasia for easy UI. Filmora is also easy to use for every professional.
  2. Preloaded filters and effects: Filmora comes with a wide range of preloaded filters. Camtasia also has those features. However, those are less as compared to Filmora. It isn’t easy to work with animation and to move objects on Camtasia.
  3. Always updated: Filmoras is always up to date. It is one of its advantages. However, in the case of Camtasia, the updates come a little later than Filmora. There are some bugs in Camtasia. As a result, it crashes out at times.
  4. Audio setup: Audio setup is also one of the great parts of Filmora. It allows audio beat detection, which helps the user to put less effort. Camtasia lacks behind here than Filmora. Filmora has some coolest audio features like audio mixing, audio separation, and an audio equalizer. Those add up the value of the software.
  5.  Fast rendering: Filmora has the fastest rendering between these two software. It is also useful for the user and saves a lot of time.
  6. Support team: Filmora has a quality support team. They are always available for chat support. The people are polite and professional. Camtasia also has a good support team. However, Filmora ahead of the race here due to professionalism and fixing an issue.
  7. Export of videos: THere is no such video exporting issues in Filmora. However, there are some issues while exporting videos on Camtasia. The user will see some errors while converting videos into a .mp4 or .mov file.

Reasons to Consider Camtasia Over Filmora

In the comparison between Filmora vs Camtasia, Camtasia has also some advantages over Filmora. Those are as follows:

  1. Easy: Camtasia provides a lot of tutorials for the users, more specifically for beginners. Therefore, it will help the user to get used to it pretty quickly. However, for absolute beginners, Filmora is not that good in terms of tutorials and resources.
  2. Screen capturing ability: Camtasia is way ahead of Filmora when it comes to capturing the screen. No other video editing software has what Camtasia provides when it comes to screen capturing. With top-notch resolution, the user can easily record anything on the screen.
  3. Availability of mobile version: Camtasia helps the user by providing a mobile version of it. There are apps for android and iOS platforms. The user has the opportunity to integrate to the desktop version and share files. Also, the user can do small work on their phones or tablets too. 
  4. Cheaper: Camtasia is cheaper than Filmora. Camtasia offers only a single-time purchase offer. However, if the user considers this single-time purchase with the annual or monthly subscription, he might be fooled. The part-time subscription price ends up to a big value if someone uses it for few years. In this case, Filmora is costlier.

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In between Filmora vs Camtasia, which software is cheaper?

Filmora comes with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. Camtasia comes with single-time purchase plans. Therefore, in the short term, Filmora is cheaper in comparison to Filmora vs Camtasia. In the long run, Camtasia is cheaper.

In between Filmora vs Camtasia, which software is easy to learn for beginners?

In between Filmora vs Camtasia, Camtasia is easy to learn for beginners.

In between Filmora vs Camtasia, which one has better audio tools?

Filmora has better tools in between Filmora vs Camtasia.


There is no doubt that these two are among the best video editing software. In this Filmora vs Camtasia comparison, we have discussed different points.

We can conclude that Filmora is the best in between Filmora vs Camtasia. 

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