iPage hosting: Best Hosting for Beginners?

iPage hosting

iPage hosting is a common name in the field of shared hosting. With some attractive features, well-revised price plans, and customer support, it has become trendy in today’s world.

It is not known for one of the best web hostings but rather for the budget user. For people who want a moderate service within a tight budget, iPage hosting is for them.


What are the iPage hosting plans?

ipage hosting plans

iPage hosting comes with attractive price plans with different features. Those are as follows:

Go Plan: It has three different versions with different introductory prices and renewal prices. 

  1. 12-month term: It comes with an introductory price of 2.99 dollars per month and 9.99 dollars per month renewal price.
  2. 24-month term: It comes with an introductory price of 2.49 dollars per month and a renewal price of 8.99 dollars per month.
  3. 36-month term: It has an introductory price of 1.99 dollars per month and a renewal price of 7.99 dollars per month. 

These three plans are the basic plan here. However, there are also Shared Hosting plans, WordPress Starter plans, and more.

iPage hosting offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, and no question is asked here in this money-back policy. This is also a better side of it.

Why is iPage Hosting Considered an Option Among a Lot of Web Hostings?

ipage hosting features

iPage hosting does not provide some of the best services in the market. However, it has some advantages for those who want good service within a budget price range.

Here are some of the benefits of iPage hosting as follows:

  1. Up-time: iPage hosting has a reliable Up-time for the users. It has an uptime of around 99.73%. However, it is not that good, as compared to some of the other hostings. However, from the point of the price, we can not complain.
  2. Reliable Speed: As per the user, iPage hosting provides a suitable speed most of the time. It is noticed that the speed is around 990 ms. However, the speed might change at times.
  3. Security Features: iPage comes with some advanced features to secure the user from malware or cyber-attacks. iPage hosting protects the user’s emails and supports the DomainKeys Identified Mail(DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework(SPF), which provides additional security to the user. The user can also avail of Secure Socket Layer(SSL) certificates by purchasing a plan.
  4. Customer support: iPage hosting offers standard customer support. Here, the user gets the required support from their customer support team for 24 hours every single day through telephone. Online chat service is also there to support the user when required. Many users reported that they find it useful for the availability of both types of support.
  5. WordPress and E-commerce: E-commerce and WordPress facilities are working perfectly fine for the users. ShopSite is used here on iPage as an e-commerce platform. For example, ZenCart, OpenCart, OScommerce, are notable. Therefore, e-commerce development is easy here. WordPress is also available with a lot of themes and plugins. WordPress is a powerful tool to build websites of different types. Here, WordPress is based on Linux, and the user can get the opportunity to use it by purchasing different types of plans.
  6. Cost-effective: With various cost-effective plans, the user can build websites, use shared hosting plans, VPS hosting, and many more. iPage hosting is very popular to come with budget plans for the user. For the long-term plans, it becomes even cheaper for the user.
  7. Third-party apps: The user can access a wide range of third-party apps with iPage hosting. Joomla, ZenPhoto, Gallery2, Drupal, and many more are available and ready to install.
  8. Other advantages: Some other advantages like VPS availability, Site transfer, free domain for one year, a website builder for free, unlimited database access with MySql, and much more available here. 

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What are the Setbacks of iPage Hosting?

iPage has a lot of drawbacks. Due to a budget hosting server, iPage has to compromise with the services at different stages. Those are described as follows:

  1. Up-time is good here in iPage hosting. However, this is not impressive compared to some of the good names on this platform. This Up-time also varies at times. In certain instances, it might go down below 99%. This is not a good sign for the user.
  2. iPage comes with different additional fees and services. In almost every plan, some added services are there. Those added services are not required by the users most of the time at all. Those useless extra services could be annoying at times.
  3. Site migration is another problem here as it is not free. The user needs to pay a certain amount of money for site migration and domain repointing.
  4. iPage hosting does not have a cPanel as a dashboard. Most of the web hosts use cPanel, which is according to the industry standard. This cPanel is missing here. Instead of cPanel, iPage web hosting has vDeck. This vDeck is not as effective and robust as the previous one.

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iPage Web Hosting FAQs

Here are a few questions we quite often hear regarding the ipage web hosting.

Why does iPage web hosting is suitable for budget users?

iPage web hosting comes with plans that are cheap and budget-friendly. For those users who want to get good services with cheaper plans, iPage web hosting is for them. 

Why iPage hosting does not provide industry standard services?

No, it is not stable as per the industry standard. Its speed, up-time, and site migration issues are there.

What are the best features of the iPage web hosting service?

Customer support, email security, availability of third-party apps, and e-commerce facility are some of the notable features in iPage web hosting.

What’s the best link to get iPage Hosting at the Cheapest Rate?


It is clear from the above discussion that iPage hosting is mostly for budget users. It comes with good services and budget-oriented plans that many users can afford. Customer support, email security, WordPress and e-commerce site creation, website building, and the availability of third-party apps are the better side of it.

However, stability, up-time, site migration are the downside of it. The user who wants some premium services can avoid it and opt for other top-rated web hostings. 

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