Easily Overcome Clone Failed Error 9

Fixed clone failed error 9

Clone failed error 9 is an application error message displayed by the Macrium Reflect software when an error or fault occurs during the cloning of a disk. Reflect is a disk backup, cloning, and imaging software available for individual users to download and use for free. Disk cloning is the process of ultimately creating an exact one-to-one copy of the disk. This could be seen as the RAID 1 configuration in which an exact mirror copy of the disk is saved as Redundant Data. Macrium Reflect is an excellent tool for disk management and can easily clone disks, but sometimes problems like clone failed error 9 can come up.


Macrium Reflect

Reflect is a free-to-download disk management tool used by many users throughout the world for backing up, cloning, or imaging disks. The software is free to use for individual home users, and it is licensable for business and server enterprise purposes. The program can face some issues during the cloning process, such as the corruption of data, file system issues, etc., leading to clone failed error 9.

Message box after downloading Macruim Reflect 8 installer
Message box after downloading Macruim Reflect 8 installer

Download the Macruim Reflect Free from its official website https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree?mo#. Head to the download page and Tick the purpose of your download, enter your email to signup, and begin the download. You could also download the Macrium Reflect home edition for 30 days free trial, which provides some advance and rich features.

Macrium Reflect Download Agent
Macrium Reflect Download Agent

Reason for Clone failed error 9

Errors can show up for many potential reasons. Each error message represents a different cause for the error. In the case of clone failed error, the primary reason is the failure of the CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) checksum of the data stored in the disk in the form of files. CRC is an algorithm used to test the integrity of the data or file. If the CRC test fails, that means the data is corrupted or altered somehow.

There could be many reasons for the failure of the CRC test of a file or any data. The most probable explanation is the presence of malware on the system that is slowly corrupting the disk’s file system. Other causes are also possible such as the harmful physical condition of the disk, etc. In such scenarios, users are more likely to experience messages like clone failed error 9.

Solutions for clone failed error 9

There are quite a few ways that a user can try to rectify clone failed error 9. The following are the most reliable solutions that the users can employ.

Running an SFC scan

System File Check(SFC)┬áis a system utility program that can deal with most of the problems caused by corrupt files. It scans the system’s corrupt files and restores them automatically. Follow the given steps to run an SFC scan. It requires administrator privileges to execute.

  • Right click on the start menu.
  • click on Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Type sfc /scannow in the shell and hit enter.

Depending on your system and the number of issues found, the process would take time to complete.

running an sfc scan to resolve clone failed error 9
Running an SFC scan

Disable Antivirus software

Antivirus softwares continuously scans the system in the background to prevent it from threats and vulnerabilities. If Macrium reflect or Antivirus software are accessing the same portion of the disk simultaneously, chances are there might be some conflict regarding the access of the portion of the disk, which ultimately can lead to a clone failed error 9. Or sometimes, The antivirus won’t allow the cloning program to interact with the disk’s file system due to security concerns.

Therefore it is recommended that the users disable the Antivirus software while the Cloning process is being carried out, especially if the user is continuously receiving failure error 9. Different antivirus has different procedures to disable their default background operation temporarily. Disable your antivirus accordingly.

Run Disk Cleanup

Running the disk cleanup utility can help the user get rid of the clone failed error 9 as the utility program cleans the disk appropriately and removes any corrupt temporary files. Follow the given steps to run the disk cleanup utility on your target disk (the disk you are trying to clone).

  • Open start menu.
  • Type disk cleanup in the search bar.
  • Open the Disk Cleanup program.
  • Select the drive you want to clean.
  • Let the process finish.
  • Clean the temporary files as suggested.
  • Click on OK.
Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup diskpart

Disk cleanup can also be performed using the Windows Diskpart utility. Follow the given steps to clean the disk using the command-line diskpart utility.

  • Press Windows key + R.
  • Enter cmd in the search box and hit enter.
  • In the shell type diskpart and hit enter.
  • Diskpart utilty would open in a different window.
  • Type list disk in the shell to list the attatched disk.
  • type select disk X ( your disk number).
  • type clean and hit enter.
Microsoft Diskpart

Run a chkdsk scan

Chkdsk is short for Check disk. It is a command-line utility used to check, recover, and repair disks from any sort of damage. Administrator privileges are required to run this utility. Follow the given steps to eradicate clone failed error 9 using chkdsk.

  • Right Click on the start menu.
  • Open Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Enter ‘chkdsk /f /r‘ in the shell and hit enter.
  • Reboot your system when finished.

/f stands for a fix. It fixes the issues found during the scanning. /r stands for restore. It tries to restore the data.

Avoid Bad sectors

Another way to avoid the clone failed error 9 is to ignore the bad sectors of the disk that are causing the problem. This could be done within the reflect application settings themselves. Follow the given procedures to ignore bad sectors.

  • Open the Macrium relflect application.
  • Go to Advanced option in the upper menu.
  • On the left side, Open Advanced Backup Options.
  • Tick the checkbox that says Ignore bad sectors when creating images.
  • Click OK.

FAQs on Clone Failed Error 9

What is the complete form of RAID?

It stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a data storage technology scheme.

Differentiate between disk cloning and backup?

Backing up data means copying the data to another disk to restore it if the original data is lost. Cloning is when you have to change the disk itself but copy the exact data and file system in the new disk. For example, upgrading from an HDD to SSD, you don’t want to change the data, but you could change the drive after cloning.

What do you mean by disk imaging?

It means cloning the entire disk into another disk but in archived and compressed form.


Macrium Reflect is a disk data management software used by users worldwide. Due to some data corruption and other reasons, users could face errors like clone failed error 9 during the cloning process of a disk. In this article, we provide you with many easy ways to employ yourself to get rid of this error.

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