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Word Perfect12

Word Perfect12 is a word processing application like Microsoft Word and Libre Office writer. Word Perfect12 is legacy software with its own history of market dominance in the word processing space. It was initially started as a proprietary project for independent systems. Later it moved its development shifted towards MS-Dos. It is still in production and is used by many users worldwide. A stable release of the software is still rolled out by its developers every year or two. It is a licensable software part of the WordPerfect Office Suite. Its Official Website is https://www.wordperfect.com/en/.


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Word Perfects' official website
Word Perfects’ official website

Word Perfect12.0 was released in 2004 for Windows XP. It is pretty old software as per modern standards. There might be compatibility issues with software and hardware regarding such an old program. Word Perfect was later acquired by Corel Softwares and is now a part of a licensable Office suite.

However, if you still want to download and install word perfect, you could always download it from the internet. Many websites and Internet Archives keep track of legacy softwares and make them available to download. You could download and Install the WordPerfect12.0 from such an archive. Before proceeding, make sure you have downloaded the correct files. Always scan these files with antivirus software as these could potentially contain malware sometimes.

Word Perfect on Windows 10

Being an old software, Word Perfect12 might not work very well on windows 10. It is suggested to the user that the user should update to the latest version of Word Perfect to switch to any other alternative such as MS Office suite. Still, Word Perfect12 can be made to work on windows 10 with some compatibility tweaks.

Running Compatibility Troubleshooter

Follow the given steps to run a compatibility troubleshooter to get word Perfect working.

  • Right click on the launch icon.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Switch to compatibility tab.
  • Click on the button that says Run compatibility troubleshooter.
  • A troubleshooter window would open, let it detect the issue.
  • Resolve the issue as suggested by the troubleshooter.
compatibility troubleshooter for word perfect12
Running Compatibility Troubleshooter
Compatibility troubleshooter
Compatibility troubleshooter

Changing Compatibility mode

Windows has this backward compatibility feature that provides the software with the same environment as some of the previous versions of Windows to run without any issue. Follow the given steps to set the compatibility to an earlier version to get the word Perfect12 working.

  • Right click on the launch icon.
  • Click on Properties.
  • Switch to compatibility tab.
  • Tick the box under compatibility mode section.
  • Now from the list of previous Windows operating system choose the earliest one.
  • Click on OK.
  • Launch the program.
Changing Compatibility to Previous versions.
We are changing Compatibility to Previous versions.

User issues

Earlier softwares such as the word perfect12.0 might have some issues with the user divisions of the modern operating system such as Windows 10. As also suggested by the compatibility troubleshooter, try running the program as an Administrator. The chances of the program working increases when both compatibility and users privileges are set according to the program. The following steps show how to run a program with admin privileges in Windows.

  • Right click on the launcher icon.
  • Select Run as Administrator.
  • Enter the Admin password (if prompted)
  • Hit Enter.

Wordperfect 12 keyboard shortcuts

Keyword shortcuts are a great way to increase working speed and efficiency. A task that takes several mouse clicks can just be finished with a few hits of combo keys. Operationally, shortcuts can be classified into two categories, shortcuts that work system-wise such as Ctrl + A to select all content. Secondly, shortcuts only work in a specific application such as Ctrl + B to build a file in Sublime Text. The followings are some of the popular application-specific shortcuts for word perfect12.

  • Open Font settings -> F9
  • View Draft -> Ctrl + F5
  • PDF Publish -> Alt + P
  • Open Thesaurus -> Alt + F1
  • Open settings -> Alt + F12

Apart from these common shortcuts, the complete documentation of WordPerfect keyboard shortcuts can be found on their official website.

Word perfect12 repair

Many times, Document files (.wpd) could get corrupt without any user interventions. This could be due to any potential reason, such as malware or a bad hard drive. Word Perfect Suite has a utility program, WPLOOK, that could remove the document file’s unwanted formatting and corruption component.

WPLOOK comes preinstalled with WordPerfect X6 and later and can be used right away. But for earlier versions like word perfect12. WPLOOK can be externally downloaded from its official source ftp://ftp.corel.com/pub/WordPerfect/wpwin/10/wplook.exe.

This official Corel article provides a detailed description of WPLOOK for corrupt files. https://support.corel.com/hc/en-us/articles/216296888-Repairing-WordPerfect-documents-using-WPLOOK

File Compatibility

The File format used by Word Perfect12 is certainly different than the file format used by other popular word processors. The latest file extension for word perfect documents is ‘.wpd‘, while the file extension for Microsoft Word is ‘.docx‘. Despite having different default file formats, both programs and their files are interoperable with each other.

Word Documents can be opened, modified, or edited using the word perfect and can be natively saved as a word document. The same goes with word perfect documents (.wpd). They can be opened, modified, or edited using Microsoft Word or any other popular word processor such as Libre Office writer.

Here is the link to WordPerfect’s official website for users who wish to use WordPerfect to edit MS Word (.docx) documents.https://www.wordperfect.com/en/pages/items/1600092.html

FAQs on Word Perfect 12

What is the full form of MS-DOS?

It stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System.

What is the file extension of LibreOffice writer?

The file extension of LibreOffice writer is ‘.odf.’ (Open Document Format)

When did WordPerfect first come out?

It first came out in the early 1980s.


Word Perfect12.0 is a proprietary licensable word processing software that once had a large share of the word processing market. It is still widely used by many users. It may behave inappropriately or not work on the latest version of Windows due to compatibility issues. We provided the necessary ways to make it compatible with a modern operating system. We discussed the file compatibility and interoperability of the ‘.wpd‘ files with other proprietary and free word processors.

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