A-Z of HP EliteBook Scroll Lock Key in 2022

hp elitebook scroll lock

Today, I will help you understand different elements of the HP EliteBook Scroll Lock system.


Know What’s Scroll Lock Key..

The Scroll Lock key is often found on a computer keyboard. It was initially used to scroll through a text box. It has since been used to stop the operation of a program or to prevent the scrolling of text. Sometimes, it is referred to as ScLk, ScrLk, or Slk.

The Scroll Lock key is located in the middle of the Keyboard’s other control keys.

What is HP EliteBook Scroll Lock?

The HP Elitebook keyboard has a key that controls the scrolling and non-scrolling modes. The keys can be used without their intended purpose in most cases, which is called HP EliteBook Scroll Lock Key.

Where to find the Scroll Lock on HP Elitebook keyboard?

If a laptop uses two keys, the Fn key must be used with the second key. For most cases, the Scr, Pause, and Break functions are also part of another key.

The very new HP EliteBook comes up with a super-easy way to navigate to Scroll Lock on HP EliteBook just by holding ‘FN Lock’ & ‘FN’ & ‘C’ at the same time to toggle the scroll lock (ON/OFF).

Press the Fn key and the key with the blue text that you want to use to activate the Scroll Lock functionality.

Toggle HP EliteBook Scroll Lock Key (Unlock)

It is straightforward to find the scroll lock key on HP Elitebook laptops. You just need to hold the combination of Fn + C to toggle (enable/disable).

2 Ways to Enable/Disable HP EliteBook Scroll Lock Key

Since HP EliteBook doesn’t have the scroll lock key button on their keyboard, you can still enable it by using the following ways:

Method 1

To enable/disable the scroll lock on HP EliteBook, you must simultaneously press the Fn + C combination.

Method 2

If the Scroll Lock Key is missing on your laptop, go to the Keyboard’s settings and select the On-Screen Keyboard button. Below is an overview of the Keyboard with its scroll lock key (ScrLk) at the bottom right corner next to PrtScn:

HP EliteBook Scroll Lock
HP EliteBook Scroll Lock

HP EliteBook Scroll Lock Key in Excel

The Scroll Lock feature in Microsoft Excel regulates the demeanor of the arrows.

  • When enabled, the Scroll Lock feature will prevent the arrow keys from moving between rows and columns in any direction. It also prevents the current selection from being scrolled.
  • When it is disabled, the arrow keys move you between the cells in any direction. However, when the feature is enabled, the cells are selected one row up or down.

If the status bar does not show the Scroll Lock status, it is most likely not displaying the correct text. To check if the issue still exists, type the word Scroll Lock again and see if it shows up.

HP Scroll Lock in Microsoft Excel
HP Scroll Lock in Microsoft Excel

NOTE- Microsoft Excel only displays the current scroll lock status if it’s enabled or disabled, but it can never control it

How to fix HP EliteBook Scroll Lock issue?

Sometimes, Scroll locks can be a trouble-causing element while working on your HP EliteBooks. This issue encounters most users with the dilemma of whether to work or not.

No Worries! Because ToolsPond has come up with a solution to electrify this cause and help you with the same for hassle-free working on your HP EliteBooks.

  1. Ensure that your HP EliteBook does not have any sort of malware/adware/virus in it by scanning and cleaning your laptop.
  2. Make sure that your Scroll Lock is not turned on. This can be done by hitting the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard.
  3. Sometimes, a wrong or missing keyboard driver can also cause this issue. Aside from reinstalling the driver, you can also remove it by going through the steps mentioned above.
  4. Look for signs o traces of your HP EliteBook being physical damage on the keyboard. If it does, try rebooting and removing the keyboard drivers.

Scroll Lock Key for MacBook

A Mac keyboard doesn’t have a scroll lock key, but it will still appear if you use an Apple Extended Keyboard. A Mac computer has a scroll lock key, different from a PC keyboard. If you use an Apple Extended Keyboard, the Mac one will appear.

It would help if you pressed the “Fn” key to enable Scroll Lock on the MacBook Pro or the Air. Then, press the “Shift” and “F12” keys to continue using the keyboard shortcut.

For macOS, you need to press the “Fn” key, the “Shift” key, and the “F12” key to enable Scroll Lock.

FAQs Related to HP EliteBook Scroll Lock

How do I enable Scroll Lock Key on my mac?

There is no scroll lock key on MacBook. To use the Apple Scroll Lock keyboard shortcut, press the “Fn,” “Shift,” and “F12” keys simultaneously.

Does Chromebook also come up with a Scroll lock key?

Unfortunately, no. But you can still enable it by pressing Alt + Shift + I on your Chromebooks.

What is the Shortcut key for HP EliteBook Scroll Lock?

Shift + F14.

Where is the Scroll Lock Key on Other Laptops?

It can be easily found on the Keyboard of your laptops near NUM LOCK.


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