Is DS4windows Safe? Find Out Now

Is DS4windows Safe

Is ds4windows safe? Is the DS4Windows.exe file a virus or a malware file? We will tell everything in detail in today’s article from A to Z.


What is ds4windows

It is a virtual emulator that can be used alongside PlayStation games and Xbox games. It is an exe file and can be downloaded for free from the official site of the ds4Windows page. It provides the users with many features, changing the settings quickly and mapping the controllers.

Is ds4windows safe?

Downloading and installing the official software of ds4windows is safe. But if the application is downloaded from any other web pages, is ds4windows safe? It can be infected with adware or malware, sometimes with a virus. There is a way to check if it is an official application or not.

is ds4windows safe - open screen

How to check: is DS4Windows safe

Using the task manager

Open the Task Manager.

For this, you can right-click on the taskbar and choose task manager or use the shortcut key: Ctrl+Alt+Esc.

Enable the Publisher column by right-clicking on a column heading and selecting “Publisher.”

Search for the execution process ds4windows.

Check whether the publisher is correct or not.

Using anti-virus software

Download and install anti-virus software like Avast or McAfee from the official pages.

Run a full system scan which will take nearly half an hour.

Check if the file of ds4Windows is listed as a threat or not.

System & anti-virus scan

Using SFC /scannow

Open the command prompt with administrative privileges.

Type the following code:

sfc /scannow

Hit enter and wait till the scan finishes and detects some threats.

sfc scan

Is ds4windows safe and virus free?

DS4Windows file can be unsafe if you have downloaded from an illegitimate site or installed it using a thumb drive or a pen drive. Hackers can alter any application software from these for their purposes and use.

The games and various other apps can also run without this dswindows.exe file, but not smoothly. But it is recommended not to have it to save space and unnecessary memory usage.

How to download and install DS4Windows

You can click on any of the below two links to go to the download page:

You can see a Download button either in the middle or at the top left side of the page. Just click on it.

While using the link of TechSpot, the download will start immediately.

download ds4windows

But if you choose the official and safest page for ds4windows, there will be a lot of instructions for downloading and installing the execution file of the DS4Window from the Github page.

How to uninstall this file

Open the Control Panel.

Choose Uninstall a program.

ViGEm Bus Driver is the program which is another name for the ds4windows execution file. Right-click on it and uninstall.

uninstall ds4windows image

Now, move to the File Explorer and type on the address bar: %appdata%

Delete the folder named DS4Windows, and remove it from the recycle bin too.

FAQs on is ds4windows safe

Is DS4Windows safe? How to check it?

You can check whether you have the proper and without-virus file by using any of the three ways given below:
1. Using Task Manager’s publisher column.
2. Using the Command Prompt’s SFC scan.
3. Using good anti-virus software.

FakerInputWrapper libraries update in ds4windows. What does it do? Should I update?

Yes. There are quite a few benefits of having the updated library FakerInputWrapper. It helps to:

1. Provide key support for F13 and above keys, if available.
2. Can rectify the wrong values during array bound checking. (It is to determine if the reference values of the array are within the specified ranges or not)

What is better than DS4Windows?

1. InputMapper
2. Vjoy Virtual Joystick
3. Xpadder.
4. JoyXoff.

ds4windows crashing? Is ds4Windows safe?

You can check if ds4windows is safe or not by using the task manager or SFC scan (command prompt).
If ds4windows is crashing your system, you can uninstall it, remove the cache files, even from the recycle bin. Now download the latest version of ds4windows.

You can use the safe mode if you are unable to change anything in the normal mode.


Having a good-performing system is more important than giving priority to better gaming controls and movements. We have provided solutions to “Is ds4Windows safe” and similar queries in this article. The ds4windows application does not only provides a better gaming advantage but also consumes memory, space.

Use the comment box at the bottom of the page to let us know any of your queries or doubts.

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