How to Make a Table in Google Docs in 4 Easy Steps

how to make a table in google docs

We all have probably used or at least seen a table before. Whether you are an employee who needs to make a presentation or a student who needs to present data for a project, we all use tables. But how to make a table in Google Docs?

Before we go there, firstly, what is a table? A table is simply an arrangement of data into rows and columns. It is mostly used to present data, both numerical and textual, in an accessible structure.

With the world becoming more data-centric, the use of tables has also increased. They provide a quick and efficient way of communicating ideas and information. It is important to know how to make tables using tools like Google docs.

Google Docs is an online word processing tool used to create, format, and edit documents. Its ease of use, accessibility from any device, and features for collaboration make it one of the most popular tools.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about making a table in Google Docs.

How to make a table in Google Docs?

Adding a table

1. Open a new document on your Google Docs page.

2. Click on “Insert” and select “Table” from the dropdown.

new document on the Google Docs page.

3. Select the number of rows and columns you want by moving the cursor. (Max Size:20X20)

Selecting number of rows and columns

4. Table will appear in your document and you can add the data and navigate using arrow keys.

How to make a table in Google Docs

Deleting rows and columns

1. Select the row or column you want to delete.

2. Right-click and select “Delete row” or “Delete column” to remove it.

Deleting row or column

Adding a row or column

1. Select the row or column beside which you want your new row or column.

2. Right-click and select “Insert column left” or “Insert column right” for columns and “Insert row above” or “Insert row below” for rows from the menu.

Adding columns and rows

Changing horizontal cell alignment

1. Select the cells you want to change alignment for.

2. Choose from one of the four alignment options (right, centre, left and justify) in the toolbar.

Horizontal alignment

Merging cells in a table

Merging is used to combine two or more cells into a single cell. It can help you combine data from different cells into one cell or add headers and titles.

1. Click and drag over the cells you want to merge.

2. Right click over them and select “merge cells” from the menu.

merge cells

3. To unmerge, right click the on the cells and select unmerge cells.

Resizing rows and columns

1. In the table, move the cursor to the border or gridline of the row or column you want to resize.

2. When the cursor turns into a two-sided arrow, click and drag the row or column into your desired size.

resizing rows and columns

Tip: If you want all the rows or columns in a table to have the same size, right-click a table and select “Distribute rows” or “Distribute columns” from the menu.

How to modify table properties?

Right-click anywhere on the table you want to resize. From the menu, select table properties.

Changing cell dimensions

1. In the table properties, under dimensions, change column width and minimum row height to your desired measurements.

Changing cell dimensions

Changing cell vertical alignment

1. In the table properties, under cell vertical alignment, select top, middle, or bottom.

changing cell vertical alignment

Changing border properties

1. In the table properties, under table-border, click on the border-color dropdown and select a color.

changing border color

2. In the table properties, under table-border, click on the border size dropdown and select your desired size.

changing border width

Changing cell background color

1. In the table properties, under cell background color, click on the dropdown and select a color.

changing cell colour

In the end…

Hopefully, this post offered a comprehensive guide on how to make a table in google docs. Considering how useful tables are in presenting different data with clarity, it is essential to have a basic knowledge of working with tables.


How to make tables in Google Slides?

The process is mostly similar to Google Docs except for a few minor changes. You can read about them here.

Can we import tables from Google Sheets?

Yes, you can select Insert>Chart>From sheets to import tables from Google Sheets.

How do I delete a table?

Right click anywhere on the table and select delete table from the menu.

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