Chromecast No sound Issue: 9 Best ways to Rectify

chromecast no sound

Are you tired of finding a fix for “Chromecast no sound”? We have the right solutions which can fix this issue in a short period.


9 Fixes for Chromecast no sound

Remove all other external wires

Unplug all the external devices which are attached to your TV, like PS4, Blueray, etc.

Be cautious about turning off the TV and then remove those wires attached to the TV.

Turn ON the TV and check if the problem of “Chromecast no sound” is resolved or not.

Chromecast no audio

Restart the Application of Chromecast in your TV

In the Chromecast application, navigate towards the settings. It will be on the rightmost side.

Choose System by scrolling down.

Select the Restart option under the System settings.


Do of Factory Reset of Chromecast in your TV

Open the Settings panel on your Chromecast application in TV.

Navigate towards the Start, then to the About section.

Select the Factory Reset option available under the About section.

Change to Manual Audio settings

Navigate through:

Settings-> Display & Sound -> Advanced sound settings -> Surround sound format selection

Turn ON the option of Manual.

Below the option of Manual, turn off the Dolby Digital and Dolby digital plus.

In your TV settings, change digital audio format to PCM, using the standard TV remote.

Check whether the issue of Chromecast no sound is fixed or not.

Chromecast- TV settings

Try other TV audios

Exit from the Chromecast application from the TV and test the audio f the TV typically and, if possible, use PS4, firestick, and some other things to check the speaker and audio of the TV.

Try the same Chromecast stick with other TVs. If the Chrome cast is not working, you can buy a new one.

Switch the HDMI port

Turn off your TV.

Insert the Chromecast to another HDMI port nearby.

Switch ON your TV and check for audio quality.

Chromecast- Change HDMI port

Check the volume level

The Chromecast no audio can also be caused by accidentally pressing the mute button or option in the remote or the app. Check whether the speaker radio is at the appropriate level. Try using the Chromecast-connected TV without the speaker.

Factory reset the Chromecast app in the mobile

Open the Settings app on your phone and fetch for the Google Chrome App.

Please search for the Chromecast app in it, and choose Factory Reset. This option will be available on the top side.

Chromecast Phone settings

Claim a warranty/ Call the customer care

Do a warranty claim from Google by contacting the help and support team from the official Google site given below:

Chromecast no sound: Reasons

The following can be the reasons for low or less sound:

  1. Less electric power goes in the Chromecast if other devices are also connected to the TV.
  2. Overheating of the Chromecast doodle.
  3. Inapropriate settings.

Chromecast no video only sound?

  1. Check the internet speed. Connect to a different netowrk if it is not upto the level.
  2. Reboot your mobile.
  3. Kill the unnecessary background running apps that consume data in your mobile phone.
  4. Try reconnecting the Chromecast doodle by unpluging and pluging in again.

Chromecast no sound? What are the alternatives to Chromecast?

The following are the devices that you can use to replace the Chromecast:

  1. Amazon firestick
  2. Apple TVstick
  3. Roku
  4. Walmart Onn
  5. Raspberry Pi

FAQs on Chromecast no sound

What are the advantages of using Chromecast?

1. It can stream games.
2. Video calling feature is enabled.
3. Also supports 4K quality.
4. Can play media directly from your devices.

Which is Better: Chromecast vs Amazon Firestick

Chromecast is the undisputed winner here, as it is cheaper than the latter and has more features.

Popcorn Time / HBO max / Netflix no sound Chromecast

Try using one of the below methods to fix the issue:
1. Unplug the other unnecessary devices connected to your smart TV.
2. Exit and restart the application.
3. Use Manual audio settings, and change the values as mentioned above.
4. Insert your Chromecast doodle in another HDMI port.

Chromecast MKV no sound?

Try the MKV to MP4 converter on your smartphone.
Update the Google Home app.

Chromecast Ultra No sound

Try a factory reset for the Chromecast (Google Home) app.
Check the volumes on your mobile phone.
Unplug and replug the Chromecast doodle device.

Winding up

There are a lot of advantages to using a Chromecast or a firestick. Having uninterrupted audio and video supply is essential for non-stop entertainment.

You can share your feedback by using the comment box on Chromecast, no sound. You can also ask queries regarding any other issues.

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