7 Benefits of Using Google Lightbox ads

Lightbox ads

Lightbox ads are the new way to reach the target audience on the GDN (Google Display Network). It has several positive sides to hit the target audience so that no other ads can match. It is built in such a way that it easily fits on the viewer’s screen. With the help of attractive images and mind-blowing short videos, the Lightbox ads influence the audience, and they like it a lot.


Reasons behind the popularity of the Lightbox ads

As compared to the other similar ads, the Lightbox ads provide a unique display of ads to the audience. At first, the viewers noticed the ad as an image or a quick little video not longer than 5 seconds. After that, the viewer observed the screen is going completely dark while the part of the ad becomes brighter. It looks like a lightbox and, in this way, catches the viewers’ attention. After clicking on the ad, the viewer gets the full ad on their screen.

Advantages of the Lightbox ads

lightbox ads creation

There are enough advantages to the Lightbox ads. However, its benefits will vary from person to person. However, for most of the viewers, some of the benefits are in common. Here the most common advantages are discussed as follows:

1. Easy to target the right audience:

With the help of Google Display Network’s Lightbox ads, it will be easier to reach the audience easily and effortlessly. The Lightbox uses an advanced search engine that is useful to target the right audiences for any particular ad. It collects data from the previous search results and continuously improves the operation of the right audience identification. Hence, the marketing process through ads will be efficient and effective.

2. The viewers get a better ad experience

Ads are indeed annoying at times while streaming videos on social media. However, if the presentation of the ads is attractive, viewers will get less offended. It works on the other way to get the viewer’s attention. Therefore, as the Lightbox ads offer better viewing experience to the audience, it is becoming more popular. They are also able to test in which way the customer is more attentive to the ads.

For a worldwide popular brand will try to reach their audience in a better way every single time. For this, they must have to improve their ad content quality, i.e., superior audio, video, and sound quality will improve the audience’s reach.

3. Ability to target maximum audience

Lightbox ads can target maximum audiences in different ways. This works by tracking the previous search history, keywords, field of interest, choices, and many more. As they identify the choices and likes of many audiences, they target that particular bunch of audiences by the same category ad. As a result, there should not be much difficulty in reaching the maximum audiences.

4. Fewer disturbances to the audience

Lightbox ads have a special quality to reduce the disturbances that an ad creates. It asks the viewer to click or avoid the ad when it appears on the viewer’s screen. As a result, the user gets less offended by this ad service. Either they can go forward and watch the ad; otherwise, they surf on the internet peacefully. When customers are less disturbed by the ad distribution, they pay attention to the ads. The Lightbox wins here in providing better services and reducing the disturbances of the viewers.

5. The Lightbox ads provide exciting and engaging content for the audience

In the form of images, templates, or videos, the ads are somehow the medium to reach the viewer’s mind. When the ad appears on the viewer’s screen, it will keep its impression on the viewer’s mind. This happens instantly. If the viewer feels that the ad is somehow interesting or exciting to watch, the viewer will click on it. Hence, the quality of the content is important. 

With the Lightbox ads, it is possible to create exciting and engaging content to reach audiences. It is pretty easy to create ads as videos, images, google map directions, ads for mobile apps, new websites, online shopping stores, etc.

6. Ads that fit perfectly instead of the device

Any brand that creates video ads faces a lot of trouble. The most annoying thing to the video ad creators is that the video ad does not always perfectly fit all devices like mobile, tablet, PC, etc. Some video ads work perfectly on bigger screens. At the same time, some other video ads are more suitable for large screens. 

Although videos made with the Lightbox ads are used to work perfectly on any device. Video ads will adapt themselves according to the viewer’s device. 

7. Cost strategy of the Lightbox ads

The costing strategy is different in the case of the Lightbox ads. Here, the Lightbox ads users do not have to pay the cost based on certain customer engagement. However, the cost has to be paid based on the certain customer views of your ad. It helps to reduce the cost while the user is using the Lightbox ads in the long run.

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There are lots of positive sides to the Lightbox ads. From creating engaging content to providing a better user experience, from avoiding fewer disturbances to the audience and targeting the suitable audience, the Lightbox ads do it all.


Q: What makes the Lightbox ads different from others?

Ans: It uniquely serves the ads. When the ad appears on the screen, the entire screen becomes dark apart from the portion showing the ad is brighter. It attracts the viewer’s attention. Apart from that, the video ads made using the Lightbox ads fit perfectly on any screen.

Q: What are the key advantages of the Lightbox ads?

Ans: There are so many advantages of this ad. However, the Lightbox ads’ key advantages are engaging content, quality of content, viewer’s experience, and cost. 

Q: How does the Lightbox charge the user?

Ans: The user gets charged when the viewer gets engaged with an ad.

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