AhaSlides: One of the Useful Presentation Tool


AhaSlides is presentation software that helps business meetings, classroom studies, marketing speeches, events, and other related activities. It can be beneficial to make the presentation well-structured and entertaining. Anyone can add live charts and polls, short and engaging Q & A sections, puzzles with fun, word clouds, and many more.   


Why is AhaSlides important?

AhaSlides is important while making an attractive as well as eye-catching presentation. Even free users can access a wide range of templates. A collection of different themes, unlimited questions, different language support, voice support through many devices, etc., make it one of the best in the market. It is easier to catch the attention of the audience when your presentation is more engaging. Professionals all over the world in different fields also expressed their trust in this presentation software.

Cost of the AhaSlides:

AhaSlides has mainly 4 different plans for the user. Those are as follows.

  • Free-Plan: It offers up to 7 live participants who can enjoy this service for absolutely free. They also can enjoy the benefits of unlimited Q & A and quizzing sections.
  • Essential Plan: This plan will cost the users 4.95 US dollars per month. Here along with the free service, the user will get some additional benefits. Those are custom backgrounds, audio tracks, data and pdf exports, etc. You can also set a link and QR code for your file. Here the number of live participants is up to 50.
  • Plus Plan: Users need to pay 10.95 US dollars per month to benefit from this plan. Here, the user will get the same benefits as the Essential Plan. However, the live participants are up to 200.
  • Pro Plan: It will cost the user 15.95 US dollars. The benefits of the Plus Plan are there. The user can get additional benefits of custom logos and designer fonts. Here the live participants are up to 10000.

Apart from these plans, there are some other plans with different benefits and price ranges. Those are also One-time Plans(Mini, Small, Medium, and Large), Educational Plans(Free, Edu Small, Edu Medium, and Edu Large), and some Monthly Plans. AhaSlides offers a 14 days money refund policy if you wish to cancel your subscription within 14 days of the purchase. It would help if you did not use AhaSlides at a live event to claim your refund.


There are lots of positive sides to this cloud-based presentation software. The students and professionals use it the most. They observe the benefits of it the most. Those benefits are as follows:

  • The AhaSlides is extremely professional when people are working in a group with it. It is easy to create presentations, and the users can completely customize them.
  • It is a budget software with various offer plans. You can choose the most suitable one from there. Even if you are not a daily user of it, there are plans for you too.
  • High-quality designs, attractive templates, and animations always make the presentation better. 
  • Another cool feature of this software is it allows the user to export data into other file types. It is instrumental at times to work with.
  • Here you have an unlimited Q & A section and unlimited quizzes from which you can choose your preferred options. 
  • AhaSlides allows everyone to send their questions, and they will be displayed on the presentation. During a group presentation, you can also submit the answer as anonymous.
  • Participation in a group project will be a lot easier with this presentation software. Hence, the productivity of that group will increase rapidly.
  • It has a maximum capacity of ten thousand participants in a presentation together. Therefore, group projects with a large number of people will be easier with AhaSlides.
  • Their customer service executives are responsive and appropriately guide the users.


Apart from those cool features and benefits, AhaSlides has some drawbacks too. Those are as follows:

  • The compatibility of AhaSlides could be an issue. Many users reported that it is not working smoothly with some PC with Mac OS and some of the projection systems. 
  • AhaSlides failed to display all the graphics on the screen. However, the type of PC and the browser is also important here. Hence, it is inconsistent on some occasions. 
  • Adding a photo directly from a screenshot is difficult here via the copy and paste method. At first, the user needs to save the screenshot and then upload it to the presentation.
  • The users with the free version of this software can take up to 7 participants in a group. Here the number is less.
  • A few users faced difficulties while putting a video into the presentation. There are also limited fonts in this software.
  • The missing Undo and the Redo options make a lot of difficulties for the people who use these shortcuts. For typing or editing a long paragraph, these options are useful.
  • This software does not work perfectly with internet explorers. Hence, it will make the old school user’s life difficult.

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FAQs on AhaSlides

Is there any question limit for the user with a free account?

No, there are no question limits for a user with a free account. A free user can have only 7 participants together.

Is there any option to cancel any certain plan if not required anymore?

Yes, the user can unsubscribe from any plan at any time if they wish. The procedure is simple. You also have the option to subscribe further when there is any need.

Can I request a refund if I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can claim a refund if your cancelation is within 14 days of subscription. It is also mandatory that you did not use AhaSlides at a live event to claim a refund.


AhaSlides is very useful when it comes to study or business. People are privileged to use this software. As with other software, it has a good side as well as a bad side. However, the advantages and disadvantages of using it are discussed above. If you want to take any plan, you have to judge based on both sides of it.

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