Is msfeedssync.exe safe? What are its Pros & Cons


Have you come across a task in the Task Manager and is named msfeedssync.exe? And you do not know why this is in your system and what it can do. Is this a virus? Everything will be covered in this article.

The msfeedssync.exe – Microsoft Feeds Synchronization, is an executable file made by the Microsoft Corporation. It has a task of scheduling (Task scheduler), available for Explorer 8 and Explorer 7.


What does msfeedssync.exe do

It kicks starts itself at a specific regular interval of time and fetches the updates for RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. It is usually located in “C:\Windows\System32”.

While browsing and surfing in IE (Internet Explorer), you may notice an “RSS feed” icon. On clicking it, a subscription is made to the respective site and is added to the Favorites of Internet Explorer.


Various errors and issues caused by msfeedssync.exe:

  • It should reside in the folder of “/system32”. If not, this can behave like a virus and undergoing camouflaging.
  • “Microsoft Feedsd Synchronization has encountered a problem and needs to close.” , this error pops up in your monitor and screen when there is trouble in receiving scheduled feeds of RSS from the sync wizard.
  • Causes high resource usage.
  • Trojan: FakeAV.Win32.Windef.qfn, Trojans are softwares that look unsuspicious, but can cause lagging and interruption in your system, on using it.
  • Worm: Win32/Ainslot.A , this malware is capable of duplicating and spreding itself to various places of your system.

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How did it get in my system:

There are many sources by which this nuisance creator gets downloaded intentionally or unintentionally on your PC. The various sources are:

  • These trojans and worms may be downloaded from illegitimate sites
  • Using pirated software.
  • From infected e-mails.
  • Fake online advertisements.
  • Peer to peer transfers like torrents and eMule.

How to scan for msfeedssync.exe:

You can use the latest versions of anti-virus systems to detect malware threats like msfeedssync.exe pirated versions in your system. You can use Avast anti-virus to scan your whole system for threats or Combo cleaner anti-virus to scan and instant remove threats.

While another way is to fetch it in the task manager. To open task manager, hit: Ctrl+Shift+Esc. In the process tab, you may notice some applications running in the foreground or the background, named msfeedssync.exe or trojans.

msfeedssync.exe 2

Note: Some msfeedssync.exe files can lag or hang your devices when your computer has corrupt windows register keys, malware, or viruses.

Ways to Disable msfeedssync.exe

There are many ways available to disable it. You can use the methods provided below:

Through Anti-virus softwares:

You can download and install anti-virus software from their official websites, and also it is free to use. To use Avast, use this link:

Please choose the desired location for installing it, start this application, and do a full system scan. After the scan finishes, it will prompt uninstall the threats and malware, and applications that can cause errors.

Using run command

This is the easiest and fastest way to stop msfeedssync.exe from lagging your device. You can open the run panel from your taskbar or from the search panel. The shortcut keyboard key is: “Windows key + R”. When the Run application appears, type “msfeedssync disable.” This will disable but won’t uninstall it. So this will still take few megabytes of space from your system.


Via Web slices and feeds:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Move to the gear icon (Settings icon).
  3. Select “Internet Options”.
  4. Move to the “Content tab”.
  5. Click on the settings button of Feeds and Web Slices.
  6. Remove the tick from the checkbox labelled as: Automatically check feeds and Web slices for update.
  7. Hit OK button, exit IE, and restart or reboot your system.

How to avoid the infiltration of malware in the future?

Do not go to insecure websites and download pirated versions of applications. Use a good anti-virus for your system that scans external devices like pen drives, CDs and then lets you access them.

What do scheduled tasks of msfeedssync.exe do

Scheduled task means executing a process at every interval of time. The application does a scheduled task for fetching new posts and updates for selected feeds and websites in your IE (Internet Explorer).

FAQs Related to msfeedssync.exe

What is an RSS feed?


This option helps collect the updates and new features of the user’s specified web pages and update them to the user.

How to get RSS feeds using msfeedssync.exe?

Go to: Internet Explorer -> Settings -> Internet Options -> Content Tab -> tick the checkbox labelled as “Automatically check feeds and webslices for updates.”

msfeedssync.exe avast threat blocked reason:

Avast and AVG anti-virus software will block the files and applications that threaten your system. msfeedssync has been complained by a few users of misbehaving and causing malfunctions to the systems. It may also contain spyware that can steal passwords and details from hackers.

What damages can malware do?

If a good anti-virus is not installed, it can leak your bank passwords and personal details from your system.

Winding up:

We hope that the above article was useful to you. You can use the below links and forums for more information.

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