How to Insert TKG 2510 Cable and its Purposes?

TKG 2510

Not sure about TKG 2510 cable? When you are building your PC, you may come across different types of wires and may have doubts about which wire end will get attached to which socket of the motherboard. We have full details of such a specific and common wire named “TKG 2510,” which must be attached to the CPU’s motherboard to complete your build.


What is a TKG 2510 cable:

It is a single black wire used in the building of a desktop computer manually. This wire has four socket holes at one of its ends. One end is to be connected to the motherboard, while the other end connects to the computer fan.

TKG 2510 Cable

What does it do:

It provides electric power to switch on the fan of your PC. The fan will remove the excess heat from the inside of the computer system so that the components do not burn down by the extra heat.

The power supply is a little less than 2 Watts (usually 1.8 Watts), while the voltage flow is near 12 Volts.

Where to fix it in a motherboard:

The cable for the case fan (TKG 2510) will not spin when not attached to the proper socket. Use the steps below to connect it correctly.

  • Switch off the computer.
  • Open the CPU, to view the Motherboard.
  • At the edges, there will be few pins which may have label near them as “CPU_FAN1” or “CPU_FAN3” or “SYS_FAN“.
  • If the label is found, attach the cable to those pins.
  • If the label is not found, you can use the below image to find the pins for TKG 2510 cable.
Motherboard Blueprint
  • After plugging in the cables, close the CPU and switch on the computer to check whether the fan is working properly or not.
CPU cooling

What are the other components in a motherboard:

  1. The power cables for your CPU will be located in the top left of the motherboard.
  2. At the top middle will be a three pinned small plug which is for the CPU fan. This is where the KTG 2510 cable should be inserted. If the plug is 3 pinned, you cannot control the power supply. It will have a constant 12 volt only. But if it is four pinned, then the power supply can be altered.
  3. There may be one more more pins near to it (appears in modern devices) which is for RBG cable of the fan. This provides current for the LED lights to your fan’s LEDs.
  4. A big 24 pin connnector will be at the right most end,which takes in power and distributes it to all the other devices connected to it.
  5. There will be RAM slots inbetween the 24-pin and the fan pin slots.
  6. Below the 24-pin and at the midlle right is a slot for inserting the cable that gets attached to the USB device sockets of your CPU.
  7. Next there will be a SATA (Serial Avanced Technology Attachment) connector. A big blue wire is to be connected in this socket.
  8. A U.2 Drive will be present at the lower rightcorner, this is similar to an SSD hard drive.
  9. The bottom and middle left side will have many pins which will take data from the buttons and external devices attched to the front part of the CPU like earphone, microphone, USB and serial ports.

FAQs on TKG 2510

Which company’s fan is best suited for PC cooler:

Below are some names of fans that are bought mainly by users:

  • Corsair LL120
  • Noctua NF-S12B
  • reduxNoctuna NF A12 PWM
  • Cooler Master MF120R
  • Scythe Kaze Flex 120
  • Explain CHA_FAN1 found in the motherboard?

    They are pins for connecting to the computer fans and to supply power to the same. The pins should be connected to fans through a wire or cable known as TKG 2510.

    What type of pin does TKG 2510 have:

    It mostly has four pins in it, while the older versions have three pins.

    Which end of TKG 2510 end is the male connector:

    In tkg cable, the end that has pins on it is the male connector, while the other end has 4 or 3 socket holes in it is the female connector.

    What is the TKG 2510 fan connector, and is it important?

    This is a cable used in desktop computers. One end of this cable has four pins (male connector), while the other end has 4 socket holes (female connector). It is essential to cool down the temperature of your system so that it does not burst from overheating.

    Where to connect arrow tkg 2510 corsair fan wires?

    It should be connected to the motherboard of the CPU. At

    Winding up:

    We hope that you got to know much about the TKG 2510 cable and its purpose. If you still have queries, you can comment down below.

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