Easy 6 ways to rectify nvwdmcpl.dll is not found


nvwdmcpl.dll is a library file that comes along with the installation of NVIDIA GeForce. We will explore the ways to download this DLL file, how to install/ uninstall it properly, and what are the issues caused by it.


What is nvwdmcpl.dll

The NVIDIA n-View ControlPanel is a library file that comes along with the driver files of the NVIDIA software. A DLL file can be accessed by one or more applications at the same time.

It helps in reducing memory usage of the CPU processor and code reusability. These are usually associated with drivers.

How to download nvwdmcpl.dll

  • Open your web browser like Chrome or Explorer.
  • Copy pate the below link:
  • https://www.dll-files.com/nvwdmcpl.dll.html
  • Scroll down to get the different two versions of it.
  • Download the latest version of nvwdmcpl file.
  • It will be a zip file, you will need to unzip (extract) it in a different location.
nvwdmcpl.dll download

Error faced through nvwdmcpl.dll

nvwdmcpl.dll is not found


In this case, NVIDIA is not able to start as the stated file (nvwdmcpl) is missing or deleted.

To rectify this:

Copy paste the file in proper location

After downloading it in your system, copy-paste it to your application’s or game’s folder for which it is needed.

Also, copy the file nvwdmcpl and place it in the Windows System folder.

Reboot or restart your system and check if the problem still persists.

Download proper drivers from:


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Disable the overclock feature if enabled

You can check if your system is overclocked or not by:

  • Using the BIOS settings.
  • Using applications like MSI Afterburn.

Windows defender (Vista users)

If you are using any anti-virus software, try disabling it for a few minutes (even Windows Defender) and check if the problem has been rectified.

Performing an SFC scan

  • Click on the button or hit the Windows key.
  • Fetch for the Command Prompt and open it with administrative privilages.
  • Type the below code and hit Enter key.
  • Wait for the scan to execute.
  • It willdetect corrupted and harmful files itself and delete it.
sfc scan

By doing a system restore

  • On the Start search bar, search for: Create a restore point
  • Click on the best match.
  • At the top left, there will be a System Restore button. Click on it.
  • Select any one restore option from the list available.
  • Click on NEXT.
  • Choose the Finish button.
  • The system will load back to a point it was before the problem started.
System restore

Advantages of nvwdmcpl.dll

  • Modules are contained and distributed in DLL files.
  • Provides various functionalities to the Windows Operating System.
  • Contains data and code that can be executed by more than one applications of same software.
  • Duplication of the code is reduced.

FAQs on nvwdmcpl.dll

How to check if the nvwdmcpl application is running or not?

For this, you can open the task manager to check it.
Open task manager by clicking the shortcut keys: Esc + Shift + Ctrl
At the background processes section, fetch for the application named nvwdmcpl.
If it is not present, it means that the application is not currently active.
If it is, and you wish to stop it, then right-click on it and choose to block.

What is the size of the nvwdmcpl.dll file?

The memory space of these files can be roughly 1.5 to 2 Mb. Most of the versions are 1.8 Megabits in size.


Games are the biggest part of the entertainment for gamers. Having low memory and processor usage software will help in reducing the load on the CPU as well as on the running applications.

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