Easy Ways to Rectify Microsoft Update KB4471318 Error


Microsoft KB4471318 update was released during the month of December 2018. It is a monthly rollup version and provides fixes for a few issues regarding the previous version released during November month’s Microsoft KB4467108 update.

We will now look at the various problems that this version has fixed, how to download it, and what are the bugs it has in it.


How to Download KB4471318

This open-source optional update is for users of Windows 2008 and Windows 7. This is primarily used to rectify an error caused in the previous month’s Microsoft version.

You can download the Microsoft version KB4471318 in your system too by clicking on the following link and then selecting the Download button. This will start the downloading and then it will prompt you to install it.


Download KB4471318

Advantages of using KB4471318

There were two main nuisances created by the latter version. The KB 4471318 aids in resolving these issues in your system:

  1. In Windows Media Player, the seek bar was unresponsive. This issue got repaired in the release of KB-4471318.
  2. Provided better security features to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Graphics Component.
  3. Security updates for Windows filesystems and storage, Windows wireless networking.

Bugs found in KB4471318

As there is no software that works 100 percent perfectly, a few bugs were found in this version too. The various issues and bugs were:

Error Code: 80070002

It represents the installation fail status for a new Windows version.

Error Code: 8024200D

This may appear in 64 bit Windows Operating System. The monthly security quality rollup.

Error Code: 80246007

This is a security update regarding the Microsoft Visual C++ Service Pack. It will also show the status as a failed one.

These happen when your PC is failing with certain updates. All of these three issues will be resolved when the update of KB 4471318 is successful.

Error Code: 80200053

When there are a few corrupted folders in the Windows Update folder, this error occurs displaying 80200053 for a few versions.
This can be rectified by navigating through:
Settings -> Update & Security -> Troubleshoot -> Additional troubleshooters
Choose the option of Windows Update and then hit “troubleshooter”.

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How to rectify the update error

Stop Windows Update Service

  • Use the taskbar’s search bar and type services.msc
  • You can also use the Run window (shortcut: Windows key + R) and type services.msc and hit Enter.
  • The services window will open in a new panel.
  • Fetch for the Windows Update service, which will be at the bottom of the list of services.
  • Right click on it and select to STOP the service.
  • Exit the window.
Stop the Windows update service

Delete the cache folder

To delete the cache files of the Windows Update:

  • Open the File Explorer (Windows Explorer).
  • This can also be opened by double clicking on the “My PC”.
  • At the search path bar available at the top, type the following or copy paste the below path:
  • and hit Enter key.
  • There will be three or more files and folders in this specified path.
  • Select all those files and folders and choose to delete, or delete them individually.
  • Close the window.
Delete Windows update cache

Restart Windows Update

  • Type in the taskbar’s search bar: services.msc
  • Or you can use the Run window (shortcut: Windows key + R) and type: services.msc and and then press the Enter key.
  • The services window will open in a new panel.
  • Fetch for the Windows Update service, which will be at the bottom of the list of services.
  • Right click on it and select to START the service.
  • Close the Services window.

kb4471318 msu. What is an msu file?

MSU is a package file containing Windows updates inside it. It contains the source code for starting the system updates. There are many updates installing files created by Windows.

Windows 7 lockup after kb4471318

There are many solutions which you can try and fix this error:

  1. Run an SFC scan.
  2. Update drivers.
  3. Disable overclocking.
  4. Uninstall antivirus software.

FAQs on KB4471318

What is KB4471318 Error

This error pops up in your system when the December 2018 Microsoft version has failed to download. Also, the system keeps on showing a message regularly that a new version is available and it needs to install it.

What are the errors caused by KB4471318?

The controller for Network Interface may stop executing in a few client software configurations. 
This error is fixed after installing the January version of the Microsoft Update.

Unable to install update kb4471318?

One way is by deleting the cache folder of the Windows update and then restarting it. If this didn’t work, try doing the same in Safe Mode.


Even though most of us use regularly updated versions of Microsoft, there are still some features in Windows for which the computer systems have been halted to upgrade themselves. There will be new versions or sub-versions of Windows every year based on the demands of the clients and issues faced by the users and clients.

You can contact us by utilizing the comments section posted at the bottom of the site, for any of your doubts and clarifications.

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