SpeedFan Temp 3 Shows Abnormal values? Best Ways to Solve

SpeedFan temp 3

Are your SpeedFan temp 3 readings above the mark and worried if it is right or wrong? Well, it is wrong in 99 percent of the cases.

We will discuss installing the software SpeedFan, how to use it, the various values and readings it shows, its alternatives, and most importantly, why and how SpeedFan temp 3 is wrong.


What is SpeedFan temp 3

The SpeedFan is open-source software, can be downloaded from any browser and installed easily. This helps to monitor the various functionalities and readings from your system.

The various readings that it notes are clocking rates, fan speeds, core temperatures, rpm values for fans, etc.

This also allows you to alter the values for a few things like clocking rates and fan speeds.

speedfan temp 3

Advantages of SpeedFan

  • Shows the analysis for temperatures and clock rates.
  • Is simple and easy to see the data.
  • Allows to configure the values for fan speed and fan’s RPM rates.
  • Shows the value of CPU usage, frequency and battery left.
  • Can alter the clock cycles rate.

Disadvantages SpeedFan temp 3

  • Should change a few things in the settings before you can alter the values and data.
  • Has not brought up any updates for a long period of time.
  • Values for SpeedFan temp 3 and temp 4 can be wrong.
  • Looks and feel is not good.

What are the various values that are shown by SpeedFan

The values shown by the monitoring program and their features are as follows:

  • Temp1 : Motherboard Temperature
  • Temp2 : CPU & GPU
  • Temp3 : CPU chipset
  • HD0 : Hard Disk Temperature
  • GPU : GPU temperature
  • Core 0 : CPU Core readings
  • Core 1 : CPU Core readings
  • Fan1 – Fan5 : Fan’s RPM values
  • (Voltage Flow) : Supply of voltage across the components

Criticism of SpeedFan temp 3 showing wrong reading

The SpeedFan temp three and temp four and temp 6 are also sometimes shown as wrong and null as the readings when the application starts up.

Why are the values shown are wrong?

The sensors placed on the motherboard can note down the value of the surrounding temperature and pass it to the requested software or applications. So, there can be broadly two reasons as to why the values are wrong.

  1. There are no sensors placed in the motherboard at theat specific location (CPU shipset) by the manufacturers, or the sensor is damaged. In either case, there is no need to worry a thing, as there are many more other sensors wose values you can consider for your device’s saftey.
  2. Access denied to the software “SpeedFan”. When the high security settings of the computer system prevents this application software to gain access to the vital information of the computers, then the values which the application will show will be either zero or beyond 120 degree celsius (above 248 fahrenheit).

The users have created many forums to ask why the SpeedFan Temp 3 values are abnormal or beyond range. They have got their answer as the values measured by the software is incorrect. The only choice left with them is to use an alternative.

Customer's review

How to download & install SpeedFan

  • Click on the below link:
  • https://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php
  • It will take you to a new tab.
  • Click on the Download tab available at the top side of the webpage.
  • Then, click on the link SpeedFan 4.52, or which ever latest version is available during the time.
  • This should start the download. If the download does not begin, then an antivirus software or a blocker extension or protocol is preventing the download from happening.
  • Try other websites for downloading this application.
  • After downloading, click on the execution icon to start the installation process.
  • After the installation gets complete, an icon of it is made by default on the home desktop screen.
  • Double clicking on it will open the application, it will ask to provide with User Control to the app, to which you should select YES option.
Download SpeedFan

FAQs on SpeedFan temp 3

What are the alternatives to SpeedFan software?

The various alternatives to this software are:
1. Real Temp
2. iStat Menus
3. Hmonitor
4. Core Temp
5. Argus Monitor

What is the difference between SpeedFan temp 1, temp 2, and temp 3

Temp1 shows the temperature of the motherboard. It is nearly accurate and is never wrong.
Temp 2 indicates the temperature of the CPU and GPU components. This is also a correct indicator reading.
Temp 3 mostly gives wrong values in most applications and displays the temperature for some CPU and CPU chipsets components.

SpeedFan temp 3 shows 127 degrees! Should I be concerned?

There is no need to be concerned unless your system is slow and lagging. The displayed temperature reading for Temp 3 is wrong, and there has not been an update to fix this issue.

Winding up

The software SpeedFan has not been doing great when compared to its competitors. The software developers need to find a way to bring it back to track or lose its customers. It is advised to locate the correct readings from the BIOS setup or some other software.

You can ping us anytime for any queries using the comment box available at the bottom of the page.

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