Does Spotify Error Code Auth 73 Make You Crazy? Go For These 7 Superb Solutions

Spotify error code auth 73


How important is Spotify in our lives?

Get to know Spotify before the “Spotify error code auth 73.” Music is like medicine to unwind yourself after a tough day, whether on a bus, in a hospital, or at any function. Spotify supports this notion because it provides one of the biggest platforms for listeners where they can search for any song, download it, make a queue list, and even share it with a friend.

The playlist can range from the 1980s to the latest, channeling all the albums in different languages under one platform. However, depending on your device, it is a paid application for some services like ad restrictions and subscriptions. For more information about Spotify and “Spotify error code auth 73,” go through the full article.

What does the “Spotify error code auth 73” issue mean?

Whenever a user is activating the Spotify application for music, he might get this red flag “Spotify error code auth 73,” which not only means that the application is being disrupted but faulty too. It suggests that users cannot launch Spotify and listen to their desired music. There are multiple reasons for these issues; however, the major one is incorrect geographic location and interference with the VPN. A software issue can be a problem too.

What does the "Spotify error code auth 73" issue mean?

These are some Prime Reasons which escalate this error

Following are some causes:

1.) Incorrect Country or Region

95% of the time, users are precise with their choice of location; however, in some cases, they tend to tamper with the geographic information on the application. It causes some glitches, leading to a severe “Spotify error code auth 73.” It happens because some services or music albums do not have permission for a particular location.

2.) A Bug in the Spotify

Well, a bug is like a parasite. The more you are vulnerable, the more you are affected. If Spotify, like a virtual music platform, is affected by a bug, it may behave in an undesirable or unusual manner. Error codes will be frequent, and the user is forced to go for an uninstallation.

3.) Problems with Proxy-Server

Whenever a query made using a proxy fails, users will acquire a proxy failure as an HTTP error result as a return. So, in this case, when a user tries to activate the application, he might face failure pop-ups. An outdated version of Windows often becomes the reason for this and some web restrictions.

4.) Software issues

Due to the absence of minimal processing requirements, Spotify would not work on any Windows. All the applications have some requirements, which is a compulsory thing. Users may encounter this issue irrespective of whether they have a basic or premium account. This “Spotify error code auth 73” problem is easy to fix.

Use these Superb remedies to Resolve the Issue

Let’s look at some solutions to this issue:

1.) Change the Spotify app’s proxy configuration

Just follow the given steps to correct the “Spotify error code auth 73” issue:

  • Launch the Spotify application and log in with an existing account
  • Proceed to the right corner of the window, and select Settings.
  • Read down to Proxy Options in the center column
  • Select – No Proxy from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirm your changes, then close and relaunch the application.
Change the Spotify app's proxy configuration

2.) Deactivate the 3rd-party proxy server

Disabling the 3rd-party proxy will not only solve the issue but also support in updation of the device. Follow these steps to correct the “Spotify error code auth 73”

  • Click the Windows and “I” button simultaneously and open Network&Internet
  • Select the proxy option and switch off the “use a proxy server” option.
  • After that, click on save and run the Spotify application

3.) Disconnect 3rd-party VPN or Uninstall

The VPN may also cause Spotify error code 73. Deactivating or removing the Virtual Private Network will assist you in solving the issue:

  • Launch Windows Settings and select “Network & Internet.”
  • Again from the left window, choose VPN.
  • Switch off the Enable VPN over metered networks setting.

To uninstall

  • Select Apps from the Settings menu.
  • Locate and tap on the VPN App on the following page.
  • Select Uninstall and relaunch Spotify.

4.) Firewall blocking Spotify error 73 auth

Frequently, the settings misidentify an application being hazardous and prevent it from functioning, and the same could occur to Spotify:

  • Access firewall from the search box.
  • Allow the application on the windows firewall section.
  • Apply the changes but before that, check for public and private options and relaunch the app.

5.) Update the Spotify app’s location or area

Whether users have set an inaccurate in your location details Spotify profile’s Settings, error number 73 may display, preventing them from playing music:

  • Go to your profile on the application
  • Choose the current country you are in and save
  • Relaunch the app and listen to music
Update the Spotify app's location or area

6.) Change the Hosts file

The host file may accidentally prevent Spotify in Windows 10. So, the only thing a user can do is alter the file:

  • Navigate to C: WindowsSystem32driversetc.
  • Right-click and choose – Hosts and Choose – “Open with.”
  • Select Notepad.
  • Locate – once the file has appeared.
  • Go to the save option after removing the email address.
  • Launch the app and try to play some songs.

7.) Reinsatllation of Application

The Spotify problem is solvable by simply deleting and reinstalling the software on the Windows 10 or 11 desktop. This procedure will repair if the program has a “Spotify error code auth 73” glitch or is not configured correctly on the PC.

FAQs on the “Spotify error code auth 73” issue

Which version of Spotify frequently has this issue?

In most cases, when a user has a premium subscription to the application will have this issue.

Is the “Spotify error code auth 73” problem limited to computers?

This issue is usually seen on a desktop or a laptop, so it doesn’t hold for mobile phones.

Does Spotify depend on a VPN for its functions?

There is no need to get a VPN to activate Spotify on your PC. However, it doesn’t support it officially.

In Conclusion

The red signal “Spotify problem code auth 73” may appear whenever a user launches the Spotify music app, indicating that the application is malfunctioning and disrupted. Users cannot launch Spotify and listen to their selected music. However, users can use these 7 remedies to get over the issue.

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