2 Excellent Patches For Canon Error 5b02

canon error 5b02


What characteristics do the Canon printers have?

Before getting into the “canon error 5b02” issue, users must have a slight idea about printers. Printers are devices that have a long list of utilities. It consists of printing quality media from the internet, which can be prepared or downloaded. Along with that, you should know about resolution. Ideally, a laser printer produces higher-quality images than an inkjet printer.

The amount of dots (or pixels) the device can produce on paper to convey the solution is a term used to describe the print quality. The maximum number of pages that can be made every month must be considered. For example, printers used during office hours will have a complete duty cycle of around 20,000 pages. Therefore it would be best to review the whole article for more information regarding “canon error 5b02”.

“Canon error 5b02” is what kind of issue?

It is an issue related to ink, specifically if the waste ink absorber gets full. Waste ink gets soaked into the system without being removed by the device, leading to canon error 5b02, which commonly occurs. The device needs to be retired because it doesn’t fix the issue. Suppose this printer displays the error 5b02; It can also result from a problem on the inside.

"Canon error 5b02" is what kind of issue?

When the ink absorber is saturated, what happens?

It will soak ink until its inner box or collector is “full,” after which the remedy is needed. The time window leading to the repair and how frequently the ink system requires to be flushed. It must be noted by the individual who wants to improve these components before beginning these responsibilities.

What are some specific reasons for this canon error 5b02?

There are multiple reasons for this error, which can be frustrating for the user, and finally, the user visits a repair shop. However, there are fixes, but before getting into that, you should know the factors driving it:

Ink absorber gets full

It doesn’t matter if the printer is of a specific company. The printer can be of any company causing this issue. The saturation of the ink absorber inside a printer is standard. There can be many reasons for that, but the most common cause is the expiration of the maximum capacity of the absorbent. That means the ink absorber cannot absorb a certain amount of ink after a while. Sometimes the only way to get rid of this error is to go for a replacement. 

Printer Issues

Apart from the reason mentioned above, printers sometimes have some glitches. It can be physical, or it can be mechanical. Sometimes faulty wires or connections can cause this error too. However, the most common reason is the disruption during the phase of contact with the pc or a laptop. 

Overuse of the printer

We all know that overuse of machines can only cause disadvantages rather than advantages. In this case, if the printer is not used as per the recommendation. Like a home-based printer is used in an office. It would run into this issue because the maximum capacity of the ink absorber reaches within no time as the ability of the home-based printer is relatively less than an office-based printer.

Faulty Cartridges

One of the issues that facilitates this error is a faulty cartridge. Ink cartridges are the most sensitive part of a printer. Show If a user is not utilizing the printer as per the recommendation, the cartridge might turn into a dry state. Consequently, the ink absorber will not be able to absorb any extra ink, ultimately landing on the same issue. So, for more information regarding “canon error 5b02,” read further.

Faulty Cartridges issues printer

How can we fix “canon error 5b02”?

There are 2 methods by which we can fix this issue:

Reset the Device

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  • Unplug the power cord from the printer and the power source
  • If your desktop is connected, then please remove all the connection
  • Now hold the start button along with plugging in the printer.
  • Simultaneously, hold the start button and press the Resume button 4 times.
  • After this, the issue gets fixed.

If the issue persists, then you can move on to the following method.

By Service Tool

  • Switch off the printer immediately. Additionally, you must push and hold the stop button while simultaneously holding down the power-on key.
  • After pausing, press the stop button.
  • Hold down the power button as you push 2 times.
  • Release the power switch after the “warning” text is on the screen.
  • To access the cartridges, first, remove the protective cover, and after that, remove both cartridges.
  • After closing the printer, close the cartridge cover and turn the Canon printer back on after a short wait.
  • Reconnect the cartridges and make the necessary adjustments once the printer is ready.
  • After pressing and holding the stop button, the device will reboot.
  • It will correct the “canon error 5b02” issue.

Approach the Service center

The only thing left to do if you believe the “canon error 5b02” issue is still present is to go to the customer service department, where you can speak with someone and resolve your printer-related issue. If the equipment is no longer covered by warranty, they may charge you for any replacements or additional services. You can only solve this issue with these 3 things.

What are some similar printer errors like canon error 5b02?

There are errors like mg3520 error, mg4250, and 5b04, respectively, where the alarm lamp flashes vigorously due to some paper tray issues, problems with the printer head, specifically a disruption during installation, and ink-related issues. Remedies in this section might resolve these issues.

FAQs on “canon error 5b02” issue

How can we easily resolve this error?

The easiest way might be to replace the ink absorber if the error is frequent.

What to do when the ink absorber is full?

Just go for a hard reset since resetting the internal memory will solve the “canon error 5b02” issue.

What to do if the cartridge causes the problem?

As per the recommendation, you can use the printer and sometimes clean the cartridge.

The Conclusion

The number of utilities available on printers is extensive. It entails downloading or preparing high-quality media from the internet and printing it. Canon error 5b02 is related to ink, specifically when the waste ink absorber is full. Without being removed by the equipment, waste ink soaks into the system. There may be several causes, but reaching the absorbent’s maximum capacity is the most frequent. We have two options for resolving this problem: a reset or the use of a service tool.

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