5 Ways to Fix Exception Code 0xc000041d

exception code 0xc000041d

Did you also encounter the error “exception code 0xc000041d – An unhandled exception encountered” while using your web applications or websites in Windows Explorer (Version 10)? We will discuss the three reasons that are causing this exception code 0xc000041d in detail and how to resolve it.


What is exception code 0xc000041d:

When an application or a program is being executed, exception code 0xc000041d or any other exceptions can suddenly disrupt the flow of code which causes errors and leads to abnormalities.

exception code 0xc000041d
exception code 0xc000041d

There are many types of exceptions in computers. Exception code 0xc000041d is due to a null pointer exception in MSHTML of your Internet Explorer browser.

Falls under the category of runtime errors, null pointer exception pops up when a website or an application is figuring to take an object reference that has a nil (null) value.

Microsoft Visual studio Exception Code
exception code 0xc000041d

What causes exception code 0xc000041d:

In WebGL

When you are trying to execute a WebGL code to check the user callback or run it in web browsers like Internet Explorer, this exception is shown when a method keeps calling itself and uses a lot of memory space.

In Internet Explorer (your web-application):

There are a few methods and objects which, after calling, should be closed. If not closed, it will cause an error (like fopen and fclose functions in C file handling). In this case, CBT events were hooked with the SetWindowsHook method, and unhooking is not done; the exception message arises.

A Null pointer:

When a pointer is not referencing anything in the memory, this message may arise.

In Reckon app:

While selecting a few options and checkboxes, this delusional exception arises when there is a corrupted registry.

How to rectify it:

To the four causes which are mentioned above, the exception 0xc000041d can be rectified using the following ways:

For OpenGL:

OpenGL is an Application Programming Interface in JavaScript to provide a user-friendly interface based on 2D or 3D graphics. This can be used in any browser.

This exception occurs when the same function or method is called back repeatedly, and more and more memory spaces are given until the memory runs out. You will have to rectify the code not to call itself recursively again and again by placing a condition to break the loop.

For IE (Internet Explorer):

There are two ways to resolve this. The first way is to check if a pointer is taking a null-pointer. If yes! Rectify the code.

The second way is by invoking a method that does the work of initiating or opening something, but a relative closing method is not called, like “unhookwindowshookEx.”

If the above methods do not work, you may need to install the latest and newest security update for Internet Explorer. You can take help from this link: http://update.microsoft.com

exception code 0xc000041d
exception code 0xc000041d

For Reckon application:

When a user tickmarks a checkbox to pay a bill, the app named “Reckon” shuts down. The only solution to resolve this issue is by deleting the whole entries of that register and re-entering the values.

Exception Code 0xc000041d While Using Different Services

Resolve Exception Code 0xc000041d in Unity

This exception can be fixed by running system file checking using the DISM scan. If this does not work, you may have to re-register in the DDL.

Exception Code: 0xc000041d on Steam

Try doing a clean install. It is done by uninstalling the previous versions and then installing the latest versions.

Solve sttray64.exe exception code: 0xc000041d

This exception occurs due to corrupted entries and registries. Rectify the errors in the Windows registry. If this did not help, uninstall ” sttray64.exe” and run a full diagnostic scan of your system.

Windows 10 Regedit Exception Code: 0xc000041d

Open the dsim:
I) Hit Windows and x at the same time
ii) Choose Command prompt as Admin and open Administrator Cmd Prompt.
iii) At this window, type the following commands. Press the Enter key after every line:
     dism.exe /online/cleanup-image/scanhealth
     dism.exe /online/cleanup-image/restorehealth


What is an exception?

It is an event that occurs when the normal flow of programming lines is halted, and the whole code or application is stopped unexpectedly.

How to rectify “Ntstatus 0xc000041d”:

It is an error that occurred during a user callback. This error can be solved by rectifying the compile errors in the code or by updating Internet Explorer.

Windows event log exception code 0xc000041d faulting module name kernelbase.dll causes errors:

There are three ways of rectifying this:

1. This may occur due to the incompatibility between 64bit and 32 bit (the computer may be of a type, while the application is of another type). Yo resolve this, go to Visual Studio’s Configuration Manager, convert your application from x86 to Any computer.

2. Go to the “Performance Logs & Alerts” of settings service. Then select Automatic.

3. Switch ON the DATA Execution prevention (DEP) for essential Windows programs and services only.

Winding Up

Errors and exceptions delay the progress and consume much time in rectifying it. We hope that the methods mentioned above will be helpful to you to solve your issue of “exception code 0xc000041d”.

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