Blender Vs Modo: 7 Important things Discussed Choose the Best

Blender Vs Modo

Don’t worry! This is going to be easy for you.

Blender Vs Modo, the fight is finally here. Humanity has been allowed to express creativity artificially, but that too to a great extent. Choosing the right tool and software for oneself is too crucial and oftentimes difficult. Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Shadow Shading, Motion graphics, Virtual reality, 3D modeling, etc. categorize into one kind of art and passion, i.e., 3D graphics. Many people are fond of 3D graphic designing and also want to pursue a career in it. Thus, we will discuss the two most popular software used- Blender and Modo and compare them. Find out the best for you.


A Quick Introduction to Blender and Modo

Blender is a 3D graphics software used to create films, especially animated films and films that require post-production, visual effects, 3D models, virtual reality projects, etc. Blender gives us features like UV unwrapping, 3D Printing, Game Engine, Sculpting, video editing, raster graphics editing, etc.

A Quick Introduction to Blender
Blender software

Modo is a polygon and a toolset that allows us to do creative stuff like 3D painting, Subdivision surface modeling, n-gons, edge weighting, etc.

Modo Software
Modo Software

Let’s start the fight Blender Vs Modo.

1. Price

First of all, let us look at the price of both the software.

Blender- It is free and open-source software, giving the users complete control over the software with no restrictions. Blender can be used for any purpose without any deposit. However, if you wish to donate some amount, you can always do it. You can access and download the software from its official website –

Modo- Unlike Blender, it is a paid software with maintenance charges. However, you can try the software for free for a certain time, but you will have to subscribe to its plans to reaccess the software.

Blender vs modo:
Modo Pricing

Blender Vs ModoBlender beats Modo and takes the point.

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2. Modeling

Blender has many tools for modeling like brush varieties, sculpting tools, geometric primitives, modifiers, and simulation tools like simulating smoke, rain, dust, fluids, etc.

However, Modo focuses on modeling much more than Blender. It gives the facility of N-gon modeling (Subdivided polygon with more than 4 points), much more enhanced sculpting toolset, Mesh operation, Retopology tools, etc.

Blender vs modo modelling

Blender Vs Modo – Modo is much more concentrated on Modeling and thus takes the point here.

3. Rendering

Blender offers a very high rendering speed. It can export in a wide variety of formats with the help of an Internal render engine with scanline rendering, indirect lighting, and ambient occlusion. It has Cycles (a path tracer render engine). Blender provides better textures, shading and lighting, and atmospheric rendering.

Blender Rendering

Coming down to Modo, it does provide better exterior and aerial rendering but does not offer a better speed in rendering. Modo’s renderer is a Multi-threaded one and runs up to 32 cores to offer speed but again works low compared to Blender.

Modo Rendering

Blender Vs Modo – Blender takes the point here.

4. Animation

Blender offers a wide range of tools for animation. It even offers key-framed tools, including Inverse kinematics, skeletal armature, hook, shape animations, etc.

Whereas Modo focuses more on rigging and has fewer features on animation. Modo too offers keyframe animation, but it is not always up to a point compared to Blender.

Blender Vs Modo – Blender again takes the point here.

5. 3D Painting

Modo allows direct painting on 3D Models created. The toolset gives a variety of combos of tools, brushes, and inks. It even allows for painting instances of existing meshes on the object’s surface.

Modo Painting

However, Blender does not offer this vast usage of a 3D painting. It is limited in Blender. Blender gives much more varieties of brushes, drawing tools, and effect galleries.

Blender Vs Modo – Modo takes the point here.

6. User Interface

Blender has a much more enhanced interface compared to Modo. It offers many equipment and tools directly on the tabs, and you don’t have to find them unnecessarily. Even though it makes it look more complex, once learned, it is easy for the user to access all the tools and operate the software.

Blender User Interface

On the other hand, Modo offers a more simple and easy to access interface but to get even the simple tools, you will have to go to tabs and find them or use shortcut keys to bring out the tools as per your benefit.

Modo Interface

Now giving a point here to the software actually depends on the user to user. But I think Blender offers much ease of access compared to Blender, so

Blender Vs Modo – Blender takes the point here.

7. User Guide and Tutorials

Every software offers guides to its users to do not get carried away doing their task and make crap out of it. Thus user guides and tutorials are essential for every software for its popularity and user’s benefits.

Blender does offer support and guides through its inner presets already added to the program. However, the quality of support is not up to the mark as they do not offer any live support or chat support, and also, most of the help guide usually concentrates on minimal and common problems.

On the other hand, Modo offers an outstanding quality of support, including live support and chat support. They help you to resolve your problems at the best level they can.

Thus, Blender Vs Modo – Modo gets the point.

Summary of War


Thus, Blender wins the fight.

FAQs related to Blender and Modo Softwares.

Which software is used more in the computer games industry?

Blender is used more in the computer games industry.

Which software, out of Blender and Modo, is better for 3D Rendering Integration?

Blender is far better for 3D Rendering Integration than Modo.

Is Blender suitable for a mid-market-sized business/enterprise?

No. Modo software is much more preferred for a mid-market-sized business.


Although Blender beat Modo in the fight, in the end, it again matters from user to user. Modo focuses more on modeling, and thus, it may be more efficient and economical than Blender for that purpose only. At the same time, Blender is more a general-purpose application software with a much wider range of features for animation and especially in rendering. Blender’s API is also much more flexible than Modo’s, making t a lot better than Modo, and its free pricing keeps it in the odd sector.

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