Best Ways to Change the Bookmark Folder Icon in Chrome

change the bookmark folder icon in chrome

Today we will see how to change the bookmark folder icon in chrome, as there are various ways to change it.

Bookmarks help lessen the task of finding the webpage or typing in the link at the search box. This saves very little time, but there won’t be any need to memorize the lengthy link, all thanks to this.

What is a bookmark in chrome:

A bookmark is a valuable feature available in almost all web browsers that can save the link of a web page. On clicking the bookmark, the user will be redirected to the bookmarked website in an instance of time. It is beneficial not only to users but also for browsers. The bookmarks consume a minimal amount of memory.

Can we change the bookmark folder icon in chrome:

Currently, there is no way of changing the folder icon image to some other image. This will not let the folder get the look and feel like a folder. But you can add an emoji as the name of the folder to differentiate easily.

Unable to change favicon

You can do this by choosing the Rename option after right-clicking on the bookmark folder. Here you can edit the name. Choose an emoji from a website like:

Copy the emoji and paste it on your name field of the bookmark folder.

Bookmark Folder-Folder1
Rename bookmark folder to emoji icon
Changed Favicon for Bookmark Folder name

How to change the bookmark icon in chrome:

You will need to do the below steps to change the bookmark folder icon in chrome. If you face any difficulties, you can contact us by using the comment box given below.

change the bookmark folder icon in chrome
change the bookmark folder icon in chrome
  • Choose the first result.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome“.
  • Enable this new extension by using the extension icon (jigsaw piece icon).
  • Right click on the extension icon and choose to activate the new extension.
  • Refresh the page. To change the bookmark folder icon in chrome, right click on the new extension.
  • Move to options.
  • Select the bookmarked webpage whose icon mage needs to be changed.
change favicon image
  • You must have a 16 X 16 pixels image of the icon which needs to be used.
choose image
  • An image of higher pixel can pop up an error.
  • After the uploading gets completed, refresh the page.
  • Your chosen and desired image will be as the icon for your selected bookmark.
favicon image changed
  • You can use the same method for a folder also.

How to convert back to original bookmark icon:

After learning how to change the bookmark folder icon in chrome, there may be some times where you need to convert back to the original icon of the browser.

  • On the Chrome webpage, click on the “Bookmark Favicon Changer” icon.
  • Choose “Options” from the list.
  • Click on the bookmark to select it.
  • Right click on it to open a popup menu.
  • Choose “Reset favicon“.
Reset favicon
  • After the loading bar completes, refresh the page.

Advantages of bookmarks:

  • Easy to use.
  • The user need not find the webpage, nor they need to type in the link.
  • The browser can instantly open the bookmark, as some cache will be stored due to an earlier visit.
  • Easy to add a bookmark and also to remove one.
  • The name stored for a bookmark can also be altered.
  • The bookmarks bar can be hidden for a few minutes.
  • The bookmarks bar can be brought back later again.
  • It uses very less memory.
  • The icons of bookmarks can also be altered.

FAQs on Changing the Bookmark Folder Icon in Chrome

How to add a bookmark for a web page?

Open the web page or site that needs to be bookmarked. At the top right side, there will be a star icon. Click on it. It will ask you to type a name or use the default name for the web page. Click OK after this.

How to remove a bookmark?

1. The bookmark will be available at the top side of the browser.
2. Right-click on it.
3. Choose delete. This will remove the bookmark forever.

How to change the name of a bookmark?

You can change the name or link of the bookmark by:
1. Open a new google tab.
2. The bookmarks will be available at the bookmarks bar at the top.
3. Right-click on it.
4. A popup list will appear. Choose edit.
5. You can now alter the name or the link, or both.
6. Click Save.

Can we change the bookmark folder icon in chrome without using extensions?

Currently, you cannot change the bookmark folder icon in chrome, as any Chrome version does not have any feature like this. You will have to use the extensions feature to do this.

Winding Up:

To change the bookmark folder icon in chrome, more than one extension is available in the chrome web store. You can choose any one of them. If you have any doubts regarding this or any other topic, you can contact us or use the reply box below.

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