11 Well Liked CouchPotato Alternatives You Should Know

CouchPotato Alternatives

CouchPotao is a platform where the user gets the great experience to watch videos, TV programs, and many more. With the help of CouchPotato, you can even record your favorite TV programs and enjoy them later. However, there are a lot of CouchPotato alternatives in the market. CouchPotato is free for all and works perfectly fine on Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Still, those CouchPotato alternatives are giving it tough competition. Some of them are discussed here as follows. 




It is one of the best platforms to watch videos and films of your choice. Netflix is one of the CouchPotato alternatives out there. It is one of the popular platforms where anyone can enjoy the favorite videos of their choice. From fils to web series everything you got there. Web series on different tastes such as action, drama, thriller, documentaries, and many more are here. You need to pick your favorite and enjoy it. Netflix has a monthly subscription plan between 9 to 14 dollars per month. It is actually cool as one of the CouchPotato alternatives to get premium quality service.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime video

Amazon Prime Video has established itself as one of the best online video streaming platforms out there. It comes with a full package of entertainment for the users. It is also a CouchPotato competitor out there. With subscription packages, you can watch videos and kinds of stuff as you wish. For a monthly subscription, it will charge you around 9 dollars per month. However, this may vary according to different countries. However it is not free like the CouchPotato, still, the user gets much better service from the CouchPotato alternatives.


hulu couchpotato alternative

Hulu is a platform that offers video streaming services to the audience. It is currently high in demand and also a CouchPotato alternative to the user. It has hundreds of online TV series and thousands of movies for the audience. Hulu covers a lot of live TV channels. Like Amazon and Netflix, Hulu also has its original releases such as Castle Rock, Veronica Mars, High Fidelity, etc. Hulu has kept its mark in producing original movies too. Those are Run, Palm Springs, and many more. Live sports, documentaries, and anime are all available on Hulu.



VidMasta is another software by which a user can watch videos online. However, it is also used as a download manager to download high-quality movies, videos, etc. It is free software and can work perfectly on Windows, Mac, Linux, and many more. It is one of the CouchPotato alternatives out there. It can also be used to download TV programs of proper size. Like CouchPotato, it is also free and works with any device.



VUDU is another online streaming service. Here the user can find plenty of videos, movies, and more. It is also a CouchPotato alternative. It is also free and here you can enjoy a wide range of movies. But, the user has to pay when they purchase or rent any movie. The quality of the videos and titles is very good. Therefore, it is a good option to consider if you look for any CouchPotato alternative out there.



Crackle is a popular online video streaming platform. It is available on Apple Store, Microsoft Store, as well as Google Play Store. On Crackle, you can watch tv shows, movies, and many more online. It is completely free. Original and uncut Hollywood contents are also available here for free. Although it does not have a live tv streaming service. It does not have a very good library with popular content.



EPIX is another online platform where the user can watch videos. Thousands of movies, as well as lots of TV series, are available here. You can choose your favorite show, movie, video, song, and any other thing here and watch it. The entire process is easy and hassle-free. EPIX is among the CouchPotato alternatives. You can enjoy the service of EPIX by purchasing a subscription of 6 dollars per month. Here you can download offline videos if you wish.



If you love to watch videos, movies, tv shows, and more stuff like that, then Stremio is the best pick for you. It can also be considered as one of the CouchPotato alternatives too. The subtitle support and other features like that improve the video streaming experience of the user. Stremio is supported in most of the devices out there. Therefore, you can create a library and use it from multiple devices.

Butter Project

Although it was launched for the programmers to share content. Nowadays, a lot of people use it for a different purposes. Butter Project is also on the list of CouchPotato alternatives that you can consider. It offers a great streaming experience to the user. There are also some advantages to this app. Butter Project offers the notification-free operation, which is good for the user.



FrightPix is also considered one of the CouchPotato alternatives. Here, you can watch videos and tv shows of different tastes. Here you can stream thousands of online videos for free. It supports any device and if your device has internet, then you should not be worried about streaming videos. Frightpix app helps you to notice the recently released movies and the recent trends. It is also known for its wide collection of horror movies.



Viewster is another video streaming online platform. Here, you can look for thousands of videos and movies to stream online. It is also among popular CouchPotato alternatives. Here you can choose any movie or video for free. It is also supported on different platforms and has ads in it. However, the quality of the video is average here.

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Are all the CouchPotato alternatives better than the CouchPotato itself?

It depends upon the user. Anyone can prefer better video and audio quality, someone can prefer ad-free operation and someone can choose a free app. Hence, the choice will depend upon the user.

Is it better to go for Netflix or Amazon Prime Video over CouchPotato?

It will depend upon the user. CouchPotato is free and has lots of movies and videos. However, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video has a subscription fee.

Which one of the CouchPotato alternatives is easy to use?

Viewster and Stremio are easy to use as reported by some users.


All those apps or platforms are discussed above as per their usefulness similar to CoucPotato. Therefore each of the CouchPotato alternatives can be used as per your requirement. Some of the apps offer a very good user experience, while others are costly compared to others. However, some of the apps are free.

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