The Ctrl Key is Stuck! Best 6 ways to rectify it.

ctrl key is stuck

Your Ctrl key is stuck? We always use the shortcut keys for various purposes like Selecting the whole text, underlining a text, bolding, italics, creating a list, opening Task Manager, and a few more say. The most common key used for shortcuts is the “Ctrl” key.

Not only for typing documents and emails, but this is also sometimes used in games and saving files.

Having a good and proper working keyboard is very important for an efficient flow of progress in your tasks and games. Today, we will discuss the reasons that have caused the “Ctrl key is stuck” issue and the steps to rectify it.


Reasons for: “ctrl key is stuck”

The following can be one of the reasons for the nuisance of the ctrl key is stuck.

  • Ctrl Button is ON inside the sticky buttons.
  • Improper version of Keyboard Driver in Device Manager.
  • Alteration in the BIOS settings.
  • Damaged keyboard.
  • Ctrl key sticked to the keyboard.

Rectify: Ctrl key is stuck

The below procedures can aid in resolving the Ctrl key is stuck:

Turn off Sticky Keys:

This characteristic in computer devices allows special keys like Shift, Ctrl, Caps, etc., to stay active even though the user is not pressing these keys.

  • Open Control Panel, by searching it in the task bar.
  • Choose the option of Ease of Access”.
  • In the panel of Ease of Access Center, choose “Change how your keyboard works”.
  • Deselect the option of “Sticky Keys”.
  • Restart your computer. Check if the issue has been solved.
ctrl key is stuck: fix

Update your Drivers:

  • Open the Device Manager, by searching in the search bar of the task bar.
  • Click on the arrow mark near to the “KEYBOARD” option.
  • Right click on the keyboard name.
  • Choose the unistall device option.
  • Restart or reboot your computer.
  • This will help in installing the latest and up to date drives in your system automatically.
Update Keyboard drivers

Reset the BIOS Defaults:

  • Shut down your computer, you can use the shortcut key of “Alt + F4”, or from the Windows Panel
  • While turning it ON, hit the F10 Key on your keyboard.
  • The BIOS/UEFI utility will open, which will be a screen with blue background colour.
  • Hit F9 button, this will open choose the default values for everything.
  • To save and close this, press F10.
Reset BIOS settings

Using two Control Keys:

Press both the Ctrl keys at the same time, for more than five seconds.

After removing the keys, check if it has been rectified.

This has helped a few users only.

Do a System Restore:

  • In the Task Bar, fetch for Choose a restore point.
  • Click on the best match.
  • Select the System Restore button, available at the right side.
  • Select NEXT,
  • Choose your desired Restore Point. and then click on NEXT.
  • Keep clicking on NEXT, untill FINISH appears.
System restore

Use On-Screen Keyboard:

You can use the On-screen keyboard till you get a new keyboard.

For this, navigate through:

Settings -> Ease of Access -> Keyboard -> Enable: On-Screen Keyboard.

You can opt for buying a new keyboard from a hardware store or from an online shop to replace your damaged one.

The Contol Key is stuck ON while using the virtual box:

Try pressing the Ctrl key on the right side of the keyboard for a long time and release it later.

Try pressing the Ctrl key on the left side of the keyboard for a long time and then release it.

If this didn’t work, try the same with Shift keys.

The Ctrl key is stuck physically into the computer keyboard:

Shut down your computer by moving to the taskbar or Windows and then choosing to turn off or Shut Down. The Ctrl key will interfere if you try to use the shortcut button (Alt + F4).

After the system gets off, use a spoon or a small thin stick or a fork to lift the Ctrl key out of the long pressed state.

Turn ON the system to see if the Ctrl key is working fine.

In Anydesk, the Ctrl key is stuck:

There is one working way to fix this issue: try cycling through all the special keys like Shift, Ctrl, Windows, keep pressing them for a long time, and then release it. If the problem persists, check whether the Ctrl key is not stuck physically to the connecting device. This can remove the error of the Ctrl key is stuck while using Anydesk.

Fixed Photoshop causing ctrl key stuck:

Open the Device Manager from the search bar.

Search for: Human Interface Devices.

Click on the arrow mark on the right side.

Disable the Microsoft Input Configuration Device after right-clicking on it.

FAQs on The ctrl key is stuck!

How many Ctrl keys are present on a computer keyboard?

There are two Ctrl keys available on your computer keyboard. Both the Ctrl keys are present at the bottom-most row of the keyboard. The first Ctrl key is present at the bottom-left side. The second Ctrl key is on the right side of the arrow keys.

What is the Ctrl key, and where is it used?

Ctrl (Control) key is a button on the keyboard which aids in simplifying the various tasks of a user. Some of the tasks where the Ctrl key is used:
Ctrl + A : Select all
Ctrl + S : Save the file/document
Ctrl + Z : Undo last action
Ctrl + U : Underline the text
Ctrl + I : Italizise a text
Ctrl + L: Create a list
Ctrl + Shift + Esc : Open Task Manager

How can I fix manually Ctrl key is stuck

1. Turn off Sticky Keys.
2. Update your Drivers in the device manager.
3. Reset the BIOS to Defaults.
4. Do a System Restore.
5. Use the On-Screen Keyboard.


Having an uninterrupted flow while typing or performing actions in the system is essential for quickly completing the tasks and assignments. We hope that the above methods helped solve today’s issue.

If you have any queries, you can reach out to us by using the comment box available at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Thanks! I was having issues with my CTRL key – only the right one, and only on my external keyboard. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but it was messing with my flow. Holding both CTRL keys down for 5 seconds fixed it!

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