Are you getting a troublesome “error 12031”? 6 excellent methods can fix it

error 12031


What do you mean by the “error 12031?” and why did it occur?

What do you mean by the "error 12031?" and why did it occur?

Error 12031 can arise for a variety of reasons. FTP “error 12031” occurs while attempting to get directory files from a Web server. Furthermore, “error 12031” indicates that the link to the server has now been lost and is no longer functioning correctly, which is frequently due to faulty grounding. In addition, this error may still arise as a result of incorrect classic registry entries, devices, or a firewall problem. All of these result in a crash and prevent other functions.

What do you mean by “error 12031” (the connection with the server was reset) and (sending a request to the server)?

Both the errors are pretty common these days; in the former one Considering FTP sites are no longer an option, users invariably run into this error whether attempting to connect to FTP Pro or troubleshooting connection issues. The latter one shows that the server connectivity has been changed or is not precisely configured. The access point is lost in it, making connectivity impossible.

What are some reasons which support the “error 12031?”

1.) Poor internet connection

When you cannot view some websites with Internet Explorer, see this error alert. As per the regulation, the FTP should be compatible with the network to run correctly. Otherwise, glitches may happen, and people find themselves solving this problem. Most probably, a low bandwidth of your network might be a pivotal cause; however, the solution is easy for a user, which we will discuss in the coming part.

2.) Failure to acquire proper files

Following the 1st reason, there is one more that directly affects the presence of the file. So, if the user has poor internet bandwidth, then connectivity misses out on some of the needed files. The device in connection with the servers may lose its association with the access point due to the absence of technical data folders. Moreover, it reduces the file transferring capacity.

3.) Firewall issue

All the devices within a location have a firewall in them for security. Firewalls are in-built and customizable, which users can change according to their interests. Along with that, a problem arises when the firewalls are highly active, which blocks the functioning of the file transfer and gives up an alert of error 12031. Furthermore, an invalid file entry can facilitate this issue; however, it is solvable.

Use the methods to fix the issue

Deactivate the Firewall

1.) Deactivate the Firewall

  • The user must open the control panel and select system and security
  • Select the firewall option on the screen
  • Pick the option for turning it off on the screen
  • Now, the firewall is disabled

2.) Reset internet explorer

Open IE, select Tools, and afterward select Internet Options to accomplish this. Choose Use Passive FTP from the options menu. After ticking the box, depart and try to visit the previously inaccessible websites. When you can see the sites once updating Internet Explorer settings is done, it signifies the error has been addressed. On a new device, a new Internet Explorer can be installed. However, if the fault persists, incorrect registry entries might be the reason.

3.) Delete Invalid registry

You should use registry cleanup technology to remove incorrect registry entries from the device and fix the 12031 problems. The registry cleaning application searches the computer for all registry issues. It deletes unneeded files, deletes corrupt and invalid registry entries, fixes affected files, and recovers the registry, eliminating the problem on the computer.

4.) Use safe mode when accessing

In safe mode, find if it can install data. Many firewalls and antivirus applications cannot be genuinely disabled; they stay running even when the GUI indicates they are. They will possibly not begin when Windows launches into safe mode. When it’s an IE problem, put the servers to the ‘Local Intranet’ region, which is most trustworthy.

Most of the time, it is discovered that the user has a firewall that secretly refuses to permit any file transfer without displaying any notice. This problem has been fixed by adding a new exception to the firewall.

5.) Create an exception on the routed firewall

If users access through a business or government network, ensure your firewall(s) are in transmit mode and employ an additional change in the firewall. It will probably rectify the issue within no time.

6.) Attempt to establish straight internet access

The ultimate solution is to attempt a straight internet connection without connecting to further layers of network and safety devices; if this works, users can move backward to determine where the issue originated. When the whereabouts are picked, an appropriate solution can be found for error 12031.

Attempt to establish straight internet access

What is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Connection?

Before getting into “error 12031,” one should know about FTP. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a networking protocol that allows documents to be sent between devices using the Transmission Control Protocol. FTP is a custom protocol that relies on 2 communication channels between the server and client a commanding stream for managing the dialogue and a control signal for sending file information.

Functions of FTP

  • Backup solutions or individuals can utilize FTP to restore data from a single location to a protected backup server that offers FTP capabilities.
  • Replication, like backup, requires duplicating information from one computer to another, but it uses a much more complete approach to offer extra stability and durability. FTP also has the potential to help with this.
  • FTP is also often used to connect to shared server hosting and cloud-based as a method of loading data into a distant server.

FAQs on error 12031

What are some errors related to FTP?

There are some errors like 530 and 425 in which the user uses an incorrect username and password, and data channels are closed between servers simultaneously.

How can we connect FTP server?

To get a new command prompt, click Start, Run, and then type cmd.
After that, enter the FTP protocol and open the door.
Input the IP address or domain to which users wish to connect.
Whenever asked, enter the login name and password.

Is there any reason which aids this issue?

One of the reasons can be an outdated version of a driver that supports the function of the FTP server, which causes the error.

What is QuickBooks error 12031?

The problem 12031 typically appears when users of QuickBooks attempt to update the payroll services or the program caused by the network timeout.

Why am I getting the error 12031 GoToMeeting?

The above issue shows that a reliable connection between the browser and GoToMeeting’s servers was impossible.

Final Thoughts

Users must be aware of the FTP before knowing about many different things and, most notably, its functions in file transferring. The error 12031 is caused mainly by two factors. They either indicate that the server link has been reset or is not operating correctly. However, the article discusses 6 superb methods by which you can solve it.

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