Efficient Ways to Resolve Ffxiv Crashing Windows 10

ffxiv crashing windows 10

Final Fantasy is a computer game, and there are a lot of versions of and parts of it available. This has a common issue which is ffxiv crashing. One of these is the Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV). This has excellent controls, stories, actions, and a lot of other kinds of stuff. FFXIV Crashing in the Windows 10 is the most common error and one more error (Dx11 error) that repeatedly appears on the screen.

Today, we will explain the error and the only working way to fix it.


What is Final Fantasy game:

It is an anime-based game that is based nearly on the same storyline as the anime series. This role-playing video game is a bit similar to Warcraft.

Like the other regular games, you will have to pass through unknown lands of each level, find enemies or friends, and act accordingly. The users have highly rated this game, and it is a perfect game based on sci-fi with a war-based theme. Below are a few reasons for the uprising of ffxiv crashing and how to fix ffxiv crashing.

ffxiv crashing
ffxiv crashing

What does this error do:

While playing Final Fantasy 14, you will suddenly notice a blank screen in black opaque color, which looks like restarting.

This seems like the system has been frozen and needs a manual restart or reboot to exit from that black screen of death due to ffxiv crashing.

What causes this error:

The leading cause of this error is not known precisely. It is estimated that it has something to do with the clock cycles of the GPU and CPU.

The only working solution to this error:

A lot of solutions have been posted in the forums and other web pages. But applying those methods has resulted in vain. So, we will first discuss the best working solution and then the least helpful one.

MSI Afterburner:

This software is available for free on the internet. Still, now, there has been no negative feedback in applying the below steps to fix ffxiv crashing windows 10.

Download MSI Afterburner
  • Download this software and install it.
  • Run this software.
Install MSI Afterburner
Installing MSI
  • Choose a low value or zero for the core cycle rate and then click on the tick button.
  • Check if the crash has been fixed or not, by playing the game.
  • If still ffxiv crashing occurse, change the the cycles rate value to high.
  • Then click on the tick button.
  • This should be able to fix the nuisance.
MSI Afterburner
MSI Afterburner

Other solutions available:

These solutions are optional and may not rectify the error. But still, you can give out a try at these suggestions:

Update your drives

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Choose the Update and Security.
  • Click on the Windows Update.
  • Select View Optional Update.
  • Click the tab named Driver updates.
  • Select all the drives to be updated.
  • Choose the download and update option.

Reinstall the game

  • Open the Task Bar (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).
  • Search for the game final fantasy 14, which causes ffxiv crashing.
  • Choose uninstall after right clicking it.
  • Move to the official page of the game: https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/gb/
  • Download the game and install if=t again.

Disable firewalls.

If you have any firewalls capable of blocking your software, then disable it by moving towards the application’s settings.

Use NVIDIA Graphics card driver

  • You can download the official NVIDIA graphics card driver to fix this issue.
  • Click on the link here.
  • Choose download option.
  • After downloading, install the driver.
  • You can check the update driver option in the settings.

Update Geforce Experience

  • Open this link.
  • Click the Download button.
  • Follow the usual steps to install it in your Drive.
  • You can check for updates in the settings.

FFXIV Crashing in Windows 10 When I Use Firefox

When you minimize the final fantasy game and open firefox, your game got crashed or crashes on your computer. Then these are the ways to fix it:

  1. Reset the settings of your browser.
  2. Close unnecessary tabs on your browser.
  3. Memory usage might have been more, so clean or uninstall not required apps and folders.
  4. Disable the firewalls.
  5. Install MSI Afterburner.

How to download this game:

You can download this game from the official website: https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/gb/

This game has a free trial to play till the level of 60. The last twenty levels (61 – 80) can be played by paying the subscription amount.

FAQs on Ffxiv Crashing Windows 10

How to fix ffxiv crashing on startup?

There are two solutions available for this:
1. Your RAM is running overclocked. You can reduce this by downloading the MSI burner and reducing the clock rates.
2. You can go to the Event Viewer to check what caused the crashing, by which the proper solution can be determined. For this navigate through: Control Panel -> System & Security -> Administrative tools -> Event Viewer.

Solve ffxiv windows ten freezing game crashing?

Open the folder where your game folder is located.
Find the “FFXIV.cfg” configuration file.
Delete this file.
Try running this game now.

ffxiv keeps crashing windows 10 shadow-bringers?

Check if the game is compatible or not, using the System Requirements Lab website.
Download the Latest Graphic Drivers for FF14 ShadowBringers.
Check the game cache files for excess junk.
Game files got corrupted: Download and install a new one.

How to adjust ffxiv to stop crashing windows 10 AMD cards?

This may occur when your graphics card gets corrupted. Or you may have to replace the PSU, or it may not be receiving enough power required to run the game application.
If both didn’t work, then try changing from AMD to Intel.

Winding up:

Fixing game errors are a very important part for gamers for continuous and fast completion of game levels. You can ping us by using the comment section available at the bottom of the page for any queries.

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