7 Superb Methods to Fix Unable to Download Patch Files FFXIV 30413 Issue

unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413


What is the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error in the game?

The FFXIV startup problem 30413 appears when the launcher attempts to install fixes. The launcher, however, consistently fails to install fixes, and it could compromise the entire functioning system’s stability. Users don’t just receive 30413 in this situation but also other errors. It guarantees a better work atmosphere for the software and skipping a patch typically has no impact on the game’s functioning. The reasons can be multiple for this “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error, and this article discusses it.

What is the "unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413" error in the game?

What are some reasons for this “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error?

Let’s look at some reasons that facilitate this issue and create a problem while starting up the game:

1.) Downloading from 3rd party website

There are several restrictions when using 3rd solutions. They typically have to put in a lot of effort to adjust the downloaded options when we don’t use the game’s default techniques. Additionally, it implies that when the service provider alters the pricing, the patch costs might increase, which would become quite expensive at a specific size. Apart from this, malware detection is standard, preventing the game from working.

2.) Poor Network

Internet connectivity is necessary for games like Final Fantasy to operate, invite players, and utilize other features. If individuals lack internet connectivity, they will be unable to complete any of these tasks, which will cause operations to stop. A slow connection means a long-lasting game season which is not preferable to users.

3.) Improper DNS Configuration

DNS servers are a crucial component of the infrastructure required by every platform, including gaming platforms. It typically disrupts routine business operations, which may eventually impact the game. It has a lot of issues with the harmful activity carried out by hackers that might compromise your security. So getting it right on your device is essential.

4.) Problems with the game

Along with this issue, “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413,” there are several others, like when the game’s login servers are coping with a massive amount of people or if the number of players in a particular login list for a given data soars beyond 17,000 players, an error 2002 message will show up. But specifically, a misconfiguration with downloads in the game can boost up the 30413 issues.

5.) Update blockage

Maybe the device on which the user uses the gameplay has internal restrictions. These restrictions can be a firewall blocking an update or anything which prevents the update. However, there are some fixes for the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” issue.

Update blockage ffxiv 30413

How to fix the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” Issue

1.) Simple Troubleshooting Procedures

  • While holding down the Windows + X keys simultaneously, you may access the Windows Power User interface.
  • Click Shut off or close the program and restart the system

2.) Launch FFXIV in Administrator Mode

  • Right-click the taskbar icon for Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Choose Properties from the menu immediately.
  • Select the Run this application as an admin checkbox after switching to the Compatible page.
  • To store the modifications, click Apply and OK at the end.

3.) Shut off every background process

If the Windows 10 system has a lot of background processes running, users won’t be able to access the network quickly since each of those tasks will need a portion. Additionally, RAM will get slow, and the device’s performance may degrade. To end all other background processes running on your Windows 10, go to the taskbar, click on strategies, and top each cycle.

4.) Verify drive space and delete any temporary files

  • To activate File Explorer, click the Windows and E buttons simultaneously.
  • Select This PC on the left side now.
  • As demonstrated, look at the storage space under Devices and drivers.
  • After that, remove all the unnecessary files on the hard drive.
Verify drive space and delete any temporary files

5.) File system recovery

Users will encounter a problem where they cannot download patch packages for FFXIV if the Windows 10 machine has any defective or damaged system default settings. The PC might break, resulting in a lack of performance. Users may fix these faulty files with the computer’s built-in tools, System File Checker, and Deployment Image Servicing and Maintenance. Run DISM tool and SFC scan to clear the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error.

6.) Correct DNS settings

Follow these steps to correct it:

  • Type ncpa.CPL inside the Run Program box.
  • Choose the connection in the resulting window.
  • Select Properties and read that.
  • Select the IP4 version of the online domain. And then choose Properties.
  • Enter as the desired value in the DNS address area.”
  • Save and restore any modifications you’ve made, then restart.
  • Start the game and insert in the “Alternate DNS server” column.

7.) Game Reinstallation

If feasible, it’s probably preferable to try downloading the game through the official site:

  • Install Final Fantasy 14 from Google.
  • Choose a proper link and install the gaming application.
  • Save the application and run it on your PC.
  • Restart the application if necessary.

What is FFXIV, and how did it become popular among people?

Before getting into the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” issue, let’s talk about Final Fantasy. The 3D dream online video game by Square Enix is called Final Fantasy XIV. It combines role-playing with a multiplayer online game. The free trial is one of the main factors contributing to FFXIV’s success. Although an MMO offers a free trial, it will never be as extensive as the one provided by FFXIV. Prospective gamers can now experience both the main game (A Realm Reborn) and the initial expansion, Heavensward.

The popularity grew because one can reach a level of 60 and take in everything the tale offers. Even if there are limitations, an incredible quantity of material can be played for nothing. Apart from that, it is a story-driven game with many minute features and character customization. However, issues can arise like “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413,” but a user can resolve it.

FAQs on “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error

Are there any related errors like the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error?

There are errors like 90002 is a disconnection when the network’s customer has a problem, while Error 90007 usually occurs if there is a problem with time synchronization.

On which platform can we use Final Fantasy?

The game Final Fantasy is available for pc, ios devices, and android. However, the “unable to download patch files ffxiv 30413” error is standard.

How to download Final Fantasy on pc?

Visit the official game website, and go to the download option but before that user might go for a free trial.

How does “ffxiv unable to download patch files 30413 25008 10009” affects the game?

When a user tries to install the game, it crashes due to a poor internet connection. Along with that, DNS ports are not also an issue.

Last Thought

Although Final Fantasy is famous among people, having errors like this is quite common these days. This article discusses some best methods a user can use to fix this error.

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