FIXED Error Code 10: Windows Found Driver Software for Your Device but Encountered an Error

error code 10

Tired of these error codes(Error code 18 and Error code 10)? No issues. We got you covered up.

Many a time, Windows 10 gets annoying due to its glitches. What annoys people the most is the functioning of the drivers. To make Windows work smoother, your drivers are supposed to be up to date and highly recommended that you use the latest version. Windows usually automatically update your version and drivers from time to time and keep you updated. But most people don’t like those annoying update notifications and restarting their system every time, and thus they keep it manual.

Usually, when we upgrade our drivers, an error code 10 or error code 18 is becoming very common, showing “Windows driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it” This error code is 10 or 18.

error code 10

So most people are facing this problem, but we are here to solve your issues. Hop along, and let’s first discuss what causes this problem.

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What causes Error code 10 or Error Code 18

Device drivers are one of the main components in the functioning of the system. The Os and the hardware are nothing without these drivers. Thus, these drivers are targeted by almost all the virus files, corrupt files, etc. These mostly affect the drivers’ functioning and cause further problems.

What causes Error code 10 or Error Code 18

There may be many causes of the malfunctioning of the drivers (maybe graphic drivers, installing new devices, etc.), but the main reasons for the dis-functioning of the drivers are listed below:

  • Driver is corrupted
  • A problem in the hardware- Like few files which are denying access to the drivers
  • Driver is outdated due to which it has failed functioning
  • The driver you are trying to install has some defects that is being blocked by the firewall.

These were few causes for error code 10 or error code 18, of which below are listed solutions to fix them.

Solution 1

Firstly, to do less hard work and more smart work, we will check whether our hardware is free of issues. For this, we will use the built-in troubleshooter for hardware. The steps are listed below.

  • Locate yourself to Control Panel,
  • Then navigate to Troubleshooting and then select View all.
  • Now you will find a number of troubleshooting devices available. Select Hardware and Devices.
  • Click on it and start the troubleshooter.
hardware and devices troubleshooter

If there are any problems, the troubleshooter will let you know, or else after running the program, restart your device and try the install the driver update. If it continues to say error code 10 or error code 1, try the other solutions below.

Solution 2

This is one of the ultimate fixes of error code 10 and error code 18. This method, most of the time, fixes the problem of windows not updating the drivers.

In this method, we fix the issue using Device Manager. Before following the step, if your device manager is not running or working properly, do restart your device, and probably it will start working again. And follow the steps listed below.

  • Press Windows + R key. You will see a command box pop out in the lower left bottom of your screen.
  • Now in the command box type devmgmt.msc and click OK or Enter.
  • Now you will see a window labelled device manager pop up on your screen. You may be facing issues with any driver, like installing drivers of a new device, or graphic drivers, etc. Now from the list of devices, select the device you are facing the problem of error code 10 or error code 18.
  • Now right-click on that device and select Update Driver Software.
  • A wizard will pop up with two options. Windows by default is set to Automatically search for undated drivers software but we will select Browse my computer for driver software and do it manually.
  • Now again a browse command box will appear and for shortcut you can type C:\Windows\WinSxS or browse it manually.
Windows Found Driver Software for Your Device but Encountered an Error

Now it will fix your problem, and it may take some time depending on the speed of the device and the problem. But the error code 10 or error code 18 will be solved.

Solution 3

This may be a silly solution because of a silly cause for error code 10 or error code 18. One silly cause for you are facing this error may be your Driver software path is not specified in the system.

Now this solution may be a bit more enhanced as it not someone can do just via steps. The step-by-step solution is different for almost every device, and it’s preferred to do under the supervision of an expert or your device’s company expert.

This method includes fixing all the drivers one by one as one malfunctioning driver may affect the functioning of some other driver. You can do this by navigating to the C:\windows winsxs folder. Again be very careful doing this advanced step as it may affect the working of your device.

Solution 4

If none of the above solutions work for you, then the only way to fix the issue is to uninstalling the entire device driver and reinstalling them. For error code 10, reinstalling can be done without restarting the device, but for error code 18, it is preferred to restart your device once you have uninstalled your driver.

Again for this, open the device manager and open the troubleshooter for your device. Now select to browse the update manually and enter the driver update path for reinstallation once uninstalled.

Bonus Tip

Sometimes while installing a device through USB, there are few situations where the driver’s installation faces some problems and shows the same error. Thus if you get an error code 10 or 18 while installing a new device via USB, you use the USB Troubleshooter of Windows, and no doubt it will fix your issue.

USB Troubleshooter for error code 10

FAQs for error code 10 and error code 18

Can we use the PC repair tools available in the market for such purposes?

Yes, you can use the PC repair tools, but there is a 50% probability for your problem getting fixed/

What will happen if we by chance delete or uninstall the driver?

There is nothing to worry about. You can reinstall them using the device manager and select winsxs manually. This will install it back.

Is it better if we restart the device after every step?

It is not mandatory to restart the device, but it is always better to do so to make you one step further to assurity.


The above mentioned were the few solutions to help you solve the problem of error code 10 and error code 18 of Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error. If these solutions don’t help you solve your problem, you can consult your device’s developers or on Microsoft’s website:

I hope these solutions have helped you through your problems regarding error code 10 and error code 18. Do let us know your thoughts and awaited till then, Adios.

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