Is SLUI 4 Not Working? Try These Easy Workarounds.

slui 4 not working

SLUI is short for Software Licensing User Interface. It is a command-line utility. SLUI 4 not working is one of the most common issues users run into. SLUI has four commands to activate Windows. Each command uses a different approach for the Activation. Some users misunderstood slui.exe as a virus, which is not the case. It is a windows system file that is important for your computer to work genuinely.


Understanding SLUI

slui.exe is the executable file found in “C:\Windows\System32” that runs the SLUI utility. Administrator privilege is required for this utility to function. It is a command-line tool that later opens a Graphical User Interface (GUI), prompting user input. It takes four integers as input arguments (1, 2, 3,4). Each argument is used for a different purpose and approach to Software Licensing.


If you run ” slui 1” in the command line as an Administrator, Then Graphical User Interface windows open, showing the Windows Activation Status for the current installation.

windows activation status

NOTE – Your activation status might differ depending on how you installed or activated Windows.


Suppose you did not activate your windows during the installation process. If you have a product key but do not have Windows Activated, you are then running the SLUI with two as the input integer argument allows you to Activate the Windows using your Product key. Run ” slui 2″ in the command prompt with Administrator privilege, and you would be prompted directly to the activation window and would be asked to enter the product key. Enter the product key and click on Next, it would take 5-6 seconds for verification, and your windows would be activated.


If you have an already Activated window, but for some reason, you may want to change the product key of your current installation, then use the SLUI 3 command. This command replaces the previous product key with the new one. Open command prompt as an Admin and type “slui 3,” then hit Enter.

slui 3 product key

Windows Activation window would open, and you would be asked to Enter the 25 characters long product key. Enter the new key you want to replace with the old one and click on Next to complete the task. It would take a few seconds for verification, and after that, it’s done.


SLUI 4 command shows up Call Microsoft and Manually Activate windows. This window instructs the User to dial a call to Microsoft Activation Centre and displays a code of 63 digits to enter on the phone for verification. Then a confirmation ID would be given for you to enter, and after the process is finished, your windows would be activated.

  1. Right click on start menu.
  2. Click on PowerShell (Admin).
  3. type “slui 4” in the shell and hit enter.
  4. A GUI window would open.
  5. Select your country or region from the list.
  6. Dial the toll free number provided.
  7. Follow the instructions on the call to provide 63 digits install ID.
  8. Type in the confirmation ID.
  9. Click on Activate Windows.
select your region from the list
select your region from the list
Call the number and follow the instructions
Call the number and follow the instructions
Enter the confirmation ID and Activate
Enter the confirmation ID and Activate

SLUI 4 not working

As we have seen, SLUI 4 is different than other Sluis. Therefore users can experience trouble or issues while using SLUI 4. Sometimes slui.exe might not work correctly. When slui.exe does nothing, users can’t activate windows by phone. There could be many possible reasons for it not working, such as Poor internet connectivity, corruption of essential system files, User not having enough rights to operate, etc.

SLUI has been around for a long time in Microsoft’s family of Operating Systems. From windows 7 to windows 11 now and even on Windows Server 2016, the utility is still used to activate the Operating System.

Can’t activate windows by phone

slui 4 not working properly
Can’t activate Windows by phone

The first question that arises, in this case, is ” Where did you get your windows from?”. If your windows came preinstalled with your device since you purchased them, then it is most likely that you will face this issue. The best solution, in this case, is to contact the Seller or the staff of the store from who you bought your device and ask them to Activate Windows for you.

SLUI 4 not working Window 10

If you are using Windows 10 that is not activated and slui.exe is not working. You can try these other ways to get your Windows 10 activated. Follow the provided steps.

  • Open Start menu and click on Settings.
  • Go to Update & Security.
  • Look for Activate Windows Now and click on Activate by Phone.
  • Follow From Step 4 of from the SLUI 4 section of the article.

If the Activation Fails, you will be redirected to Microsoft Support Centre for your Region.

SLUI 4 not working Windows 8/8.1

Follow these instructions if you are a Windows 8 or 8.1 user to get your Windows Activated by phone.

  • Click on Start menu.
  • search for PC Settings and open it.
  • Select Activate Windows.
  • Select Contact Customer Support.
  • Enter the Admin password if asked.
  • Follow From Step 4 of from the SLUI 4 section of the article.

SLUI 4 not working Windows 7

Follow these instructions if you are a Windows 7 user to get your Windows Activated by phone.

  • Open Start Menu.
  • Right Click on Computer and select Properties.
  • Select Activate Windows Now.
  • Click on Show me other ways to Activate.
  • You may have to provide your Product Key.
  • Choose Use the automated phone system.
  • Enter the Admin password if asked.
  • Follow From Step 4 of from the SLUI 4 section of the article.

NOTE – Windows 7 is depreciated now. Microsoft has officially dropped support for Windows 7. It is recommended for you to update to the latest Windows.


Will an SFC scan help in this scenario?

If your SLUI isn’t working due to corrupt files, yes, an SFC scan could help.

My windows came preinstalled but aren’t Activated?

Contact the store where you purchased your device and ask them to activate it.

Is there any other way to remove the ‘Activate Windows’ watermark?

The Best and appropriate way is to Activate your Windows genuinely.

Will I be able to personalize my windows after Activation?



The Software Licensing User Interface (SLUI) is a great command-line utility for Activating Windows. But sometimes it doesn’t correctly work as intended. There is a way to get it working, like performing an SFC scan can help, Updating Windows to the latest rollout, or Running the Windows Troubleshooter. But if still, the problem persists, you can always follow the workarounds provided in this article to Activate your Windows installation as it is the ultimate goal.

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