15 Incredible Ways to Fix Paramount Plus Keeps Pausing Error

paramount plus keeps pausing


What do you mean by the paramount plus keeps pausing error on a device?

Let us discuss something about this platform before the “paramount plus keeps pausing error”. If paramount plus members are experiencing viewing troubles due to lagging, it is advised to test the internet service before verifying anything else. In this issue, a user frequently encounters a pause while streaming any video content.

On top of that, there is no single reason for this error, but it has multiple fronts that disrupt its function, resulting in repeated freezing and crashing of the application. However, to know more about why users get this paramount plus keeps pausing error, stay on this article.

What reasons facilitate this paramount plus keeps pausing error?

What reasons facilitate this paramount plus keeps pausing error?

These are some reasons that aid this issue:

1.) Poor internet connectivity

Slow internet connections can also cause pausing. Paramount Plus specifies a minimum streaming speed of 4 Mbps. Additionally, the number of computers streaming concurrently affects how fast an internet connection is needed for streaming. As the number of concurrent streams rises, so does the level of internet speed required. It can cause paramount plus keeps pausing errors.

2.) Obsolete browser

There might be issues if the internet browser is not up to date. One reason is that an out-of-date browser will have difficulty talking with the Paramount Plus web page server. It will be unable to correctly load and read the web page, resulting in various playback difficulties. Maintaining an updated web browser will also help protect the device and information from viruses.

3.) Device issues

A mismatched software version to enable Paramount Plus is another reason why Paramount Plus streaming problems occur. Another explanation is that the Paramount Plus application with an old version in smartphones with recent OS versions does not show any compatibility. Assume users haven’t upgraded the software on the gadget in over a year. Users are likely to encounter this problem in this circumstance. It can cause paramount plus keeps pausing errors.

How can we fix the paramount plus keeps pausing error?

How can we fix the paramount plus keeps pausing error?

Following are the methods that can quickly fix paramount plus keeps pausing error:

1.) Re-sign into Paramount Plus

  • To begin, navigate the Paramount Plus webpage and click the down button beside the username in the upper-right corner.
  • Then click Account and underneath Account, scroll to the bottom and select Sign Out.
  • After that, sign back in again to resolve the issue

2.) Reinstall the Paramount Plus App

If users are streaming from the browser, they should reinstall the Paramount Plus application from the play store and then sign back in using their personal account information. This method can be helpful up to a certain extent only.

3.) Remove the Paramount Plus application cache

To get to these options, follow these steps:

  • To begin, launch the Settings app.
  • Then choose Apps & Notifications.
  • Then, from the list of applications, choose Paramount Plus
  • Then, select Storage & cache.
  • Finally, begin by pressing Clear Cache and then selecting Clear Storage.

4.) Download the Paramount Plus App again

All associated datasets will be deleted when users uninstall the Paramount Plus software. As a result, it is guaranteed that the previous version’s damaged files and the hidden cache will not be left behind. A new edition of the Paramount Plus app is downloaded and installed on the smartphone. Consequently, it removes any possibility of damaged files interfering with the ability to stream Paramount Plus without loading troubles.

5.) Remove DNS system issues

  • To begin, open Command Line for Windows or Terminal for Mac OS.
  • Windows users should enter the ipconfig /flushdns command on the Command Prompt.
  • Lastly, hit Enter to execute the command.
  • The DNS Resolver Cache has been appropriately emptied thanks to Windows IP settings, and an alert will appear.

6.) Use a different browser

Fix paramount plus keeps pausing error by using different browser

Users cannot watch Paramount Plus movies without encountering pausing difficulties on a specific browser. Users have upgraded the browser to the most recent version and disabled any unwanted add-ons. In such a scenario, we recommend using a new web browser and attempting to access Paramount Plus movies from it. The cause for this is that various browsers use distinct browser systems, which interpret web pages in multiple ways.

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7.) Consult the Paramount Plus Help Desk

Finally, imagine you’ve tried all of the earlier remedies, but none have succeeded. At this point, don’t be afraid to seek expert assistance by contacting Paramount Plus Help. Consequently, they will be able to offer a comprehensive backend repair sooner. Moreover, by doing so, users may obtain more appropriate solutions for paramount plus keeps pausing errors, which is also compatible with the streaming device.

8.) Remove browser cache

On Windows, users can select the history option at the top corner and then click on precise browsing data of all time.

On macOS, users select safari, and then preference and advanced to open up Develop menu bar. Afterward, they have to empty the cache.

9.) Device updates

Users will inspect the device’s operating system or software version inside the Settings application. In the meantime, they have to check the device’s Settings application for any software upgrades, and if present, they can install them on the spot. Like Apple TV, visiting the settings application and opening up “software update” in the system can display update options.

10.) Deactivating browser ADblockers

For a browser like Chrome:

  • Enter the Paramount Plus website, and then, in the browser, select the AdBlock logo to open a drop-down list.
  • Next, in the Pause on this selected site, pick Always.
  • The AdBlock sign will change from red to green, indicating that AdBlock is turned off for Paramount Plus.
  • Lastly, if required, reload the Paramount Plus webpage.

It quickly fixes the paramount plus keeps pausing error

11.) Assess and enhance the internet connectivity

There are a couple of things a user can do here:

First, they can reset their wi-fi connection or the cable connection by removing it from the power supply and then reconnecting it. Secondly, users can change their connection to a more stable and steady one where the appropriate speed for an application like paramount plus is present.

12.) Examine the buffer issues on the device

Because of the massive number of individuals trying to watch a famous show, the device may experience loading issues. Therefore, users can try different movies or show to see whether the problem remains, and they can do this again with a couple of other programs. It can quickly fix the paramount plus keeps pausing error.

13.) Check the server status

Users should verify the Paramount Plus server status to see if the problem is server-side, and for that, Paramount Plus has a special section that indicates the server status. Visit this webpage (https://help.paramountplus.com/s/article/PD-Is-Paramount-down).

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14.) HDMI cable issues

When an HDMI wire connection fails, the connected devices cannot recognize the HDCP encryption in the HDMI stream. For that, users can follow these steps:

  • Inspect and reinstall the HDMI wired connection
  • Users may also look at changing the turn-on order for their devices to see if that fixes the HDMI connection by initially turning on the secondary devices, the TV, and so on.

15.) Stream on a different device

For instance, if you’re watching on a mobile, you can change to a PC, and if the new device can properly play Paramount Plus videos, then one can briefly use that for Paramount Plus, and they can avoid paramount plus keeps pausing error.

Why does paramount plus keep freezing on ads or Roku tv?

Whenever the user with a paid membership hits a low internet speed, this issue arises, saying that internet speed is not good while on Ads, or maybe it is just because of the area-specific Ads that keeps this problem. In the case of Roku TV, issues can be multiple things: an outdated version of the application, a Roku device problem, or an issue with the internet. However, it is related to paramount plus keeps pausing.

FAQs on paramount plus keeps pausing

How can users cancel Subscription Plus?

Visit the Paramount Plus webpage, choose the Name, Account, and then membership cancellation. See our specific explanations on how to cancel Paramount Plus if you’re looking for further information.

Are there any related errors on Paramount Plus?

Yes, a specific error code, 4201, will not enable the user to stream correctly. It can be a result of particular browser and device restrictions.

What is Paramount Plus Fatal Error Code?

If you experience problems with Paramount material not being viewable, your plan may be past due. Check your existing plan and restore the subscription if it has ended.

Why does the paramount plus button keep popping up?

Whenever the user is going for live streaming on paramount plus, they might get this error because of some unwanted access on the device, or it may be an issue with the application. People can close all Chrome windows and then restart the stream to solve it, which also can solve paramount plus keeps pausing.

Why does paramount plus keep freezing on the firestick?

Users who try paramount plus can have this error on firestick mainly due to a corrupted installation of paramount plus, insufficient space on firestick, or poor internet. Correct it by checking for updates and rebooting the firestick device.


In conclusion, streaming sites like Paramount Plus have provided an additional option to watch movies at home. Users shouldn’t let annoying paramount plus keeps pausing errors get in the way of spending time with the family and watching their favorite films. This article has 22 solutions to attempt if Paramount Plus isn’t functioning or the stream isn’t loaded or running correctly.

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