Namecheap VPS: The Benefits of Using a Virtual Private Server

namecheap vps

Namecheap VPS provides a virtual private server to the users. To use a VPS, there are a lot of benefits. First, it enhances the performance of the system of the user. Second, it also provides a certain level of securities to keep the user’s privacy while online.

With a speed of over 400 Ms and the availability of over 100 applications, this VPS is doing a decent job. WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, and many more are available in this VPS.

Here all the benefits of the user are discussed in this article. Those are as follows:


What is a VPS?

What is a VPS

VPS refers to a Virtual Private Server. Virtual Server works in a way that splits the main server into several servers. Now, every single server works the same way as the main server.

Now, those servers have the same features as the main server. The best part is that if any server faces some problem, the others have no issues with it.

Advantages of having a Virtual Private server

There are a lot of advantages if anyone has a virtual private server. Those are listed as follows:

  1. Every Virtual Private Server comes with similar kinds of features like online security and privacy as the main server.
  2. The cost of every Virtual Private Server is much lesser than the main server.
  3. The user can enjoy smooth and hassle-free operation with a Virtual Private Server.

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Cost of Namecheap VPS service

Namecheap VPS comes with two different price plans. One is Pulsar, and the other one is Quasar. Both of these plans have three different paid options. Those are monthly, quarterly, and annually. For first-time users, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

  1. Pulsar Plan:
    It is cheaper between these two. It has three different paid options. For monthly options, users need to pay around 12.19 Canadian dollars per month. If anyone opts for a quarterly plan, the price would be around 10.96 Canadian dollars per month. For the yearly paid option, the user needs to pay 9.73 Canadian dollars per month.
  2. Quasar Plan:
    It is the premium option between these two with advanced features. The monthly plan comes with19.6 Canadian dollars per month; it has a quarterly plan with a price tag of 18.36 Canadian dollars per month. On the other hand, the user needs to pay 17.13 Canadian dollars per month for the yearly plan.

Why the user needs Namecheap VPS

Namecheap VPS has some useful features that are helpful for the users. Those are as follows:

  1. Cost-effective:
    Cost is a significant factor while choosing a service. However, not all types of users can pay a huge amount for a particular Virtual Server. Here, the Namecheap VPS comes with a price tag that is neither cheap nor too expensive. Hence, a major part of the user can use it based on the cost.
  2. Keep you safe and secure:
    While the user is online, certain security levels are required. In Namecheap Virtual Server, the user gets the required securities while online or using a public connection. Hence, the privacy of the user is maintained. In addition, their firewalls and internet securities play a vital role in keeping the user safe and secured while online. Here, the backup of the server is also available.
  3. Customization facility:
    The user can customize the VPS. However, the user must have a little bit of knowledge in this. Here, the users can have root access to the server by choosing their operating system.
  4. Fast and smooth operation:
    Namecheap VPS helps to make your system faster. If you have an SSD and use this server, then the real benefit of the virtual private server is obtained. It makes your system so fast that opening, loading a website, performing a particular task will be hassle-free and smooth.
  5. Uptime near 100%:
    Namecheap offers an uptime of nearly 100% for most of the time. However, the uptime is even 100% sometimes.
  6. Customer Support:
    Customer support is also important for the user. The user might require any help from the customer support team if any issues are there. The user gets support for customer service all through the day. 

Where the Namecheap falls behind?

  1. They claim their customer support as very good. However, as per some users and third-party reviewers, they do not have decent customer support always. So they need to look into this matter.
  2. They have only two data centers. One is in Nottingham, UK and the other one is in Arizona, US. This is not sufficient, and some competitors have a lot more data centers than that. 
  3. The speed is good for first-time users. However, it eventually goes down after months of usage.


What is the most important point to consider about Namecheap VPN to use?

Namecheap VPS comes with a price tag that is affordable for most users. It has other facilities too. Hence, the user can select it simply by its price tag.

What is the average speed of this Namecheap VPS?

Namecheap VPS has an average speed of over 400 Ms most of the time. However, this speed can be different in different locations around the world.

Is there any free domain with this Virtual Private Server? 

Yes, the user will get a free domain with this Virtual Private Server for one year only.

Are WordPress and Joomla available in this Virtual Private Server? 

Yes, WordPress and Joomla are available in this Virtual Private Server.


Namecheap VPS has a lot of cool things to talk about. The price is not high here, and the service is good as well. The sign-up process is easy, and the price plans are relevant to the services. In addition, the user can avail free domain for the first year.

Overall it is a good experience to use this VPS. However, the lack of data centers and customer support is not up to the mark as they claim some negative impact on it. Overall, this VPN is good to go. However, it needs some improvements in its services.

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