What is CPANELSOLR? Is it helpful and efficient?


Which software maintains the Dovecot text fetching for Horde and Roundcube? Well, it is Cpanelsolr. So, for what is this Cplanesolr used for, and what does it do? We will explain everything about this software from the scrap.


Cpanelsolr: Definition

This software made its debut in cPanel of version 64. The programming language which this uses is Java. It is a safe file that does not harm your device. It has the capability of indexing the mails which in turn increases the searching speed.

How to Install Cpanelsolr

Initially, you have to log in to WHM (Web Host Manager). For this, type “https://ServerName/whm”. There will be a panel named “Manage Plugins”. In this section, you can see the “Install Full-Text Search Indexing for IMAP”. On clicking this, the download of Cpanelsolr will begin, later you will have to install it.


What is the process of cpanelsolr?

When the application of Solr starts, it first gathers data, stores it in your server or some other server, and starts to index the documents. The indexing process is the phase where cpanelsolr is launched default to optimize the tasks. Once the indexing of emails or documents from various sources is complete, the application ranks and displays it.

Speed of Cpanelsolr

The average speed is 75,000 docs per second (or mails per second). But without cpanelsolr or Cpanel dovecot, the speed will be decreased by 20,000 to 25,000 docs or emails per second.

Services offered by Cpanelsolr

It is used along with cPanel, which is a well-known web hosting control panel for Linux-based computer systems. It can display the key metrics about the execution status of your server, which gives you the clearance for databases, preferences, files, web apps, domains, metrics, software, and security.

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Pros and Cons of Cpanelsolr


  • Cpanelsolr is helpful in indexing e-mails and messages maintained by dove-cot.
  • This service is highly beneficial when you have high email usage.


  • As it requires excessive memory allocations, it can crash some systems.
  • Mainframes that have less memory may not be able to cope up with it.
  • When there are not much emails work and loads in your projects and websites, it is highly recommended to disble it or uninstall it.

Will my device get corrupted by keeping it?

If your device has an enormous amount of processors and memory storage, and you need to toil with excess quantities of mails, then it is worth keeping this cpanelsolr as one of the many features. This will ease your fetching.

If not, it will just lag your device, and is suggested to remove it.

How to disable it

With a root user account, sign in to WHM.

Go to the service manager inside WHM and choose the option of disabling it.

Hit ok, exit.

FAQs on Cpanelsolr

Is Cpanel helpful for low-end systems?

No, Cpanel has cpanelsolr fixed in it, which uses a bulk amount of processor. But you can disable the latter and use your system smoothly.

What is the abbreviation for SOLR?

SOLR: Searching ON Lucene w/Replication

Is SOLR open source?

Yes, SOLR is available free for everyone. This means that it is open-source, and not closed-source.

For what is SOLR used for?

It can be used to improve the search efficiency in client searches, and this is the main purpose of it. It is written in JAVA language and is a product of Apache Lucene

What are the major features of SOLR?

Full-text search.
Hit highlighting search.
Searches as per the faceted classification system.
Real-time indexing
Dynamic clustering.
NoSQL Features.
Rich document handling.

What is cPanel dovecot solr?

It is a characteristic of WHM which allows very quick e-mail fetching capabilities for IMAX mailboxes.

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