6 Great Solutions for SimpliSafe Base Station Not Connecting to Wifi Issue

SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi


How can we set up wifi for SimpliSafe to activate its maximum functions?

We should consider a piece of important information before the issue SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi to have full awareness about it. The SimpliSafe system can connect to wifi to give users a different method of reaching the monitoring center and a slightly quicker refresh rate for the smartphone apps and web apps, allowing them firmware upgrades.

Via Mobile

  • Please navigate to the main menu and select My System.
  • Select General Settings and then wifi Network.
  • The process of looking for available networks on the device will automatically start.
  • Check that the wifi network is searchable and accessible. 
  • Select the proper wifi Network and click connect after providing the wifi network’s password.

Via Keypad

  • Click the “menu” icon on the Number pad and insert the 4-digit Master PIN.
  • Click the right rocker to pick System Settings after navigating there.
  • Find wifi and click on it; Keypad will provide a list of available channels.
  • Please move to the network users want to join and push the right rocker to link to it.
  • The Base Station will strive to join the network, and the Keypad will advise users of the outcome. 

To know more about SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi, read further.

What do you mean SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue?

What do you mean SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue?

This issue is everywhere among the SimpliSafe system users, as problems can be with wifi or the system. The user must connect it to the internet to function accurately as a wireless security system. No external attacks like brute-forcing and direct hacking are possible provided that it is connected to a wifi or a network. If the system has no wifi access, this issue arises, and the reasons can be multiple.

Are there any reasons for the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue?

1.) Hidden SSID

Disabling the SSID broadcast stops the router from sending out the wireless network’s name, making it invisible to users. By employing a hidden SSID, users make mobile devices responsible for establishing wifi connections rather than the router. Therefore when SSID is hidden sometimes, it blocks the SimpliSafe system from reconnecting.

2.) Weak wifi signal

Apart from that, the weak strength of a wifi connection can induce this SimpliSafe base station not to connect to wifi issues because of a speed problem. It needs a specific bandwidth or proper internet speed to activate the SimpliSafe security system for a scan or maybe a restriction account. When that is not provided, it misses specific incoming bugs on the system.

How can we resolve this SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issues?

How can we resolve this SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issues?

The following steps can be taken to resolve the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to the wifi issue:

1.) Modify the SimpliSafe System’s saved SSID and wifi passcode.

It solves SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue:

  • To access the menu, press the SimpliSafe Keypad button and insert the PIN to proceed.
  • Select wifi from the list appearing on the Keypad.
  • Select the wifi network to which the SimpliSafe Base Station is connected.
  • Click the Use button and enter the new SSID and passcode for wifi. 
  • Make sure that the wifi credentials are both less long.
  • After that, the SimpliSafe Base Station must directly integrate into wifi.

2.) Choose a 2.4GHz network

  • Launch a browser on the device and enter the router’s address. 
  • On the router’s web page, the system would then prompt users to enter the credentials. 
  • Users can locate the password in the handbook for the router.
  • Click on Wireless Network Setups after registering effectively to the website. 
  • The Wireless Network Settings tab is typically found at the top of the homepage or within the Menu tab.
  • Search for the Wireless segment on the Wireless Network Settings screen. 
  • Then choose the choice that shows all of the router’s wifi signals. 
  • The router will be displayed if it operates on 5GHz wifi.
  • Switch the wifi to 2.4GHz and tap Save.

3.) Minimize the distance between the device and the router

If you continue to have this SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue, weakened wifi may be to blame. To resolve this issue, relocate the router nearer to the Base Station (in under 30 feet). Think about buying wifi to increase the wifi coverage at home. It will quickly solve the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issue.

4.) Restart the SimpliSafe Base Station

  • Unplug the power adapter from the charging port of the SimpliSafe Base Station.
  • After that, remove the screw on the Base StationStation’sy cover.
  • Remove one of the batteries and wait roughly 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the power adapter to the charging port before inserting the separated battery.
  • Install the removed battery and return the battery cover to its original position.
  • Replace the battery cover by tightening the screw.
  • Allow approximately 2 minutes for the device to reboot and reconnect to wifi.

5.) Check that your SSID is not covered up

To consider the SSID viewable, follow these steps:

  • Ascertain that the phone is linked to the router as the SimpliSafe Base Station. 
  • Users must look up IP addresses online or in the manual via a browser
  • Enter the credentials for the router next to obtain the information. 
  • ‘Admin’ is the username and passcode found in the router’s handbook.
  • Choose wifi from the Advanced menu and then the wifi settings.
  • Pick wifi Security Settings, and the  SSID can be found on the wifi Security Settings screen.
  • Select the pencil symbol next to the SSID.
  • Verify to see if the Hide wifi box is checked. 
  • If this is the case, uncheck the box and save the modification

6.) Refresh the Router

Refresh the Router
  • Tap the power switch on the router for a few secs to switch it off. 
  • Disconnect it from the power socket if it lacks a power switch.
  • Sit tight for approximately 30 sec, power on the switch, or plug it back.

FAQs on SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi

How to fix the wifi connection of SimpliSafe cameras?

The user must ensure that the cables are in order, the camera is fully charged, and input a new passcode for the wifi network.

Does the SimpliSafe app handle various systems?

No, for every SimpliSafe system requires its account.

Can SimpliSafe function without wifi?

The SimpliSafe alarm controller works without wifi due to a recovered cellular system; however, the SimpliSafe cameras require a wifi connection.

How to reset a SimpliSafe base station wifi router?

That is an easy process if you use a wifi router since removing it from the power supply, users can press the reset button at the back.

Final Thoughts

These are, therefore, the approaches to resolve problems with the SimpliSafe base station not connecting to wifi issues if the issue continues after attempting all the solutions listed here, request SimpliSafe Customer Support for assistance.

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