2 Formulas Can Fix We’re Having Trouble Loading Your Feed

we're having trouble loading your feed


Why is Windows 10 popular among users of devices supporting windows?

We get “we’re having trouble loading your feed.” So let us know about windows. Microsoft’s new Windows OS release controls all the hardware and programs on a desktop. Rather than retaining everything open on a single computer, users can start moving some of their windows to a virtual machine to free up space. Windows 10 distinguishes between desktops and tablets.

Computer mode is the default setting when using a mouse and the keyboard with Windows 10. If the user’s computer also has a touch screen display, users can use it as a tablet. To know more about “we’re having trouble loading your feed,” you must continue reading.

The Windows 10 Update 21H1 includes a new Weather and News feature (a collection of articles from different sources showcasing each day’s news). On the taskbar of Windows 10, the tool appears as a rectangular box next to the arc that says “Show hidden icons” if it is active.

What do you mean by the “we’re having trouble loading your feed” alert?

What do you mean by the "we're having trouble loading your feed" alert?

Users worldwide have reported that “we’re having trouble loading your feed” when they try accessing Windows 10 on their desktop or laptop. This alert rises when they use the newly updated news widget installed on the windows. The icon on access shows this message specifically when you have a slow internet connection. But a few reasons are also involved with it which might have an impact, which we will discuss.

Reasons involved in pushing this alert “we’re having trouble loading your feed.”

1.) Missing Files

A system file, also known as an “app file,” is the external component of application software that is required to execute programs even if they aren’t commonly used as editorial files. Users may start receiving this feed notification “we’re having trouble loading your feed.” Suppose that folder is distorted or lost from the system. Occasionally, it might be an easily fixable startup issue. These files are crucial when it comes to having a web connection.

2.) Disruption in Internet

There may be some causes for your inability to access the internet, including a broken firewall, blocked wireless signals, inadequate wireless signal strength, a problematic router, and IP address conflicts. But the bottom line is it blocks away all the web-related applications running in front or in the background. The feed widget running on the user’s windows might have crashed, or congestion in a network has slowed it down to a point where accessing it has become impossible.

3.) Issues at the other end

Issues at the other end

After the 2021 update KB5003214 in windows, the new feed widget was included in windows 10. Sometimes users disable it without any reason, which might cause a crash after they turn it on after a long time. Sometimes an unidentified bug or malware can support an issue “we’re having trouble loading your feed,” and prevents it from properly working on the device. Keep reading the section to have the full extent of awareness about this issue. The issue could arise from your user account failing or disconnecting or as a result of file damage or corruption.

How to remove the “we’re having trouble loading your feed” issue?

1.) Activate the Latest Windows version

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and click on Update & Security in the Settings tab.
  • Search for Windows Update in that tab
  • Allow it to check for updates by clicking Check for updates.
  • If it finds any updates, immediately install them.

2.) Recheck the user account

  • Navigate to the Settings menu, and select Update and Security.
  • Pick the Windows Insider Program option.
  • The associated account can be found under the Windows Insider account.
  • Open it and use it to solve this “we’re having trouble loading your feed.”

3.) Re-enabling the widget

It is one major fix by which you can fix the issue within no time. Just follow the steps given below:

  • Right-click anywhere on the taskbar and find the option
  • Choose the News and Interests alternative.
  • To remove the feature, select the Turn off the checkbox.
  • After some time, reboot your device, follow the entire process, and enable it again.
  • It will solve the feed alert problem.

4.) Reset the device

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and select Update & Security.
  • Proceed to Recovery and select get started under Reset this PC.
  • Select what happens to the files present in the device.
  • To reboot the device, try to emulate the wizard’s instructions and then go for restart.

How to remove the news feed widget from the device?

How to remove the news feed widget from the device?

To begin, a user can delete the text that appears on the widget’s icon. To accomplish this, right-click on the taskbar and select New and interests. A side menu with numerous choices would appear when you hovered over it. The text will be removed when the “Show icon only” option is chosen.

The “open on hover” function can be turned off by unchecking the corresponding box in the “News and interests” list. A turn-off choice exists in the same list, though, if one wants to eliminate news from the taskbar. Using the menu may disable the news and interests widget.

FAQs on we’re having trouble loading your feed.

Do we have to update windows to solve this issue?

Downloading the correct Windows version is crucial in this case as it will support the news widget functions.

What kind of information does this feed window provide?

The news widget in windows provides temperature reports, news, and other short articles for the users.

Is this a common issue throughout the windows?

It is pretty standard these days, especially for windows 10 users. However, it does have an easy solution, like a device reboot to fix it.

How to fix the “we’re having trouble loading your feed; you might be offline” alert?

This alert indicates the internet issue the user is facing. To fix it, the user just has to connect to high-speed internet to log back into their account to access new and updated feeds.

Why is my google feed not working?

Users can permit and deactivate the Discover feed on their devices using the Google app. This is why the feed doesn’t appear or update if they or somebody else has disabled that possibility.

Wrapping Up

This article mainly focuses on the issue “we’re having trouble loading your feed,” which pops in windows. The reasons for this issue are pretty common but important to notice too. However, some fixes have also been included in this section so that users can fix that problem at home. But also, taking a professional opinion might do well in this condition.

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