Sniffie: Best Platform to Monitor and Reprise Products


Sniffie is an on-line based platform that deals with information related to e-commerce and stuff. The price of a particular product may vary on different websites. Sniffie helps the user to monitor the prices of a product on different websites.

Sniffie has an AI-based system that helps to collect data of different competitors for different products in the market. With this data, any organization can set the price of different products on their website and change marketing policies.


Sniffie is a Finland-based organization. It is doing wonders in the field of online-based retail business. With the help of Google Shopping feed, this software can easily help in repricing of products to get benefits in e-commerce and online retail business.


Cost of the Sniffie Service

sniffie pricing

To avail of the service of the Sniffie, the users need to pay different prices for each user. An important part of it is that there is neither any free trial nor any free version of this software. It comes with three different plans with different features. Those are mentioned in detail below.

  1. Price Monitoring: It is one of the available plans of this software. Here in this plan, the users can avail themselves of services like real-time price monitoring, product matching, comparison of prices on different websites, etc.
    There are up to 100 products that can be monitored on 5 different domains. Here, the user needs to pay around 529 euros per month.
  2. Pricing Automation: The pricing of this monthly plan costs you around €989. In this plan, you can automate 1000 products. Apart from that, you can create and share the dashboard with your team member. This is the most expensive plan of sniffie, and it’s best if you have a large team.
  3. Price Optimization: If you are starting your business, this plan is for you. This is the most affordable plan from sniffie. It costs you €489. In this plan, you can add 25 products.

Sniffie: Useful features

Sniffie comes with some very useful features. Those are useful in the case of retail business and e-commerce. Those are as follows:

  1. It helps to track prices for different products on e-commerce sites. Hence, any organization will be able to track the competitors’ prices with the help of AI-based price tracking systems.
  2. It has an upgraded platform with a user-friendly dashboard and other features. Therefore, it will not be any trouble for the user to operate this.
  3. Dynamic pricing, Market research, Market data analysis are some of the useful features of this software. With those advanced features, it helps any particular organization to set the price of their products based on their competitors.
  4. Profitability analysis, Direct marketing strategy are some of the useful features to form the base of an organization.
  5. Its repricing strategy is also helpful to increase the growth of the organization.

Advantages of Sniffie

For the retail business organization, this software is a pretty helpful weapon to increase overall growth. Those are as follows:

  1. Sniffie is very easy to use for any type of business and online-based retail services.
  2. Sniffie helps the clients out of trouble with their quick responsive support team. The responds fast if there is any trouble.
  3. Creating aggressive prices compared to the other competitors is a great thing to establish a business in front of the competitors. It also helps to understand the price elasticity and reprising methods easily.
  4. Sniffie takes their customer very seriously and always looks at everything going on inside the organization. This results in great for organizations to work efficiently in their organization.
  5. This software helps to build automated price reports and update them accordingly. It helps those organizations who use this software for this purpose.
  6. There are only a few similar software in the market that create the most accurate price-based data.
  7. At the end of the day, the revenue and profit will be increased for the organization using this software.

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Disadvantages of using Sniffie

As there are a lot of advantages of this software, there are some drawbacks too. Those are as follows:

  1. There are some instances when some product codes will not match with the products of the competitors’ websites. In that case, anyone needs to search for it manually. For some businesses, there are the same products with too many variations. A lot of problems arise in that case.
  2. At some parts, new integrations are required and to develop in Sniffie. The organization needs to upgrade some parts of its system.
  3. This software comes with services that are costly enough. For the base plan, the user needs to pay around 489 dollars per month. Not every user, like small organizations and start-ups, can bear this cost. The premium plans are even costlier.

Sniffie FAQs

Here are a few questions from users who wants to try Sniffie platform.

What are the businesses where this plan could be beneficial?

E-commerce, online and retail businesses will be helpful by using this software.

Why price monitoring with the competitors and repricing of the products are necessary?

By monitoring the prices of the same product on different websites, any organization can set its price aggressively. Hence, they can compete with the others easily.

What is the costliest plan available in Sniffie?

Price Automation is the costliest plan in Sniffie. This plan has the best features as compared to the other two. The user needs to pay 989 euros to avail of this plan.

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After taking a close look at the features, advantages, and drawbacks, it’s clear that this software is a helpful one. It helps in the overall growth of the retail and online business. Although, there are some minor drawbacks experienced here in this software.

The cost of the plan is an important issue here too. Overall, it is good software with a user-friendly setup and useful features. The benefits of this software are also mentioned above according to plans. The user needs to choose here from the list.

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