1 Easy Way to Fix Voice Delay on LG TV

voice delay on lg tv

Life’s Good when there is an LG. While you might have an LG Tv that serves all the functions of a great TV, picture quality, and richer experience both in terms of sound and picture, having minimal cases of voice delay on LG TV is a great feature. Also, there must be many features that might accompany your excellent choice of a TV device. But like every piece of technology is meant to experience some errors or malfunctioning, your LG tv is also bound to get some, Don’t worry, it’s very close to the law of nature. 

In the present article, we will discuss the issue at hand: voice delay on LG TV. We at toolspond will cover the reasons and the remedies to the problem as well.

Of course, it’s inconvenient when you can’t find the app you want, your TV keeps disconnecting from its wifi network, or your device’s sound isn’t working properly. Still, a delayed or lagging reaction, particularly voice delay on LG TV, is at the top of the list of the most irritating problems with an LG TV. Read on to learn how to fix your LG TV if it is lagging or delayed for no apparent reason.


Voice control

We could only have imagined a few decades ago that voice control technology is something that we could only have imagined. Remember how ecstatic we were when Siri first came out?

It’s now commonplace. Voice assistants function with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to refrigerators. They’ve helped us stay organized, entertained us, and simpler our lives. As a result, it’s no surprise that most Smart TVs now include voice control.

Why should you invest in a TV voice assistant?

Why should you invest in a TV voice assistant?

The most significant advantage of a voice-controlled television is its quickness. There’s an awful lot to watch on television these days with a variety of genres: streaming services, hundreds of channels, and even online browsing. And sifting through many applications to locate what you want might be a pain. With a voice assistant, you can ask, and it will respond.

There are many proprietary services in use nowadays for voice assistance. Big players in information technology have realized it is potential long before it has become a thing of everyday use. For instance: Apple’s Siri, the pioneer of the voice recognization industry, and following its trails, Amazon’s Alexa and Windows Cortana have been familiarised. The thing about which these voice assistants excite us the most is the sheer ease of access. Gone are the days when we used to switch the channels and everything by pushing buttons on the remote; now, this voice control service has arrived under which you can sit back and order your TV. What to do? Exciting, isn’t it? 

Voice control in LG TV and preface to the voice delay on LG TV

On the sidelines of these latest technological developments in the case of TV voice assistants, LG has made a quantum leap by launching its house-made voice assistance service called LG ThinQ. 

ThinQ AI is one of your LG Smart TV’s most intelligent features. This built-in voice assistant combines LG’s voice interaction, content search, and Google Assistant to allow you to manage basic tasks, search for content to watch, and locate helpful information all from the comfort of your sofa and without having to use the on-screen keyboard.

Voice delay on LG tv 

Voice delay in LG tv soundbar
voice delay on lg tv

If you have an LG smart TV, you may have discovered the world of voice control, which allows you to complete a variety of chores and conduct searches simply by talking to the Magic Remote that comes with your LG TV. It might be frustrating if you are amid a voice command and realize that its transmission is delayed. There can be a variety of discomforts you might experience because of this voice delay on LG TV; first of all, consider you need to see the content on the TV screen ASAP, or you are on a movie night or a game night with friends! 

 To save yourself from embarrassment, we at toolspond have devised a thorough guide to get rid of Voice delay on LG TV.

Check for battery power: 

Check the battery power on your LG TV to see whether there is enough to repair the voice delay. All the things run on fuel, and your remote and LG TV are one of them; hence make double sure to check the batteries and power source for a hassle-free voice command system and eliminate voice delay on LG TV.

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Check LED on Remote 

If the remote does not light up with the LED light even when you click the ‘Power’ button, the batteries need to be changed, or it must be faulty; hence you need to buy a new one.

When both batteries have been replaced, there must be no voice delay on LG TV.

Check the internet connection. 

Isn’t there something wrong with my internet? How many times have we carelessly blamed the internet for all of the mishaps that have occurred? In this case, it appears that your intuition was correct. You may have experienced a voice delay on LG TV, in which case you should check and reset your modem and router. To learn the processes, see the instruction module of your router and modem, as each company or manufacturer has a different SOP.

My LG tv is out of sync with audio

On your remote, press the Home button. In the top-right corner, click the Settings gear symbol. Select sound> AV Sync Adjustment from the drop-down menu. Turn on AV Sync Adjustment, and then using the left-right slider, adjust the audio delay or speed to better match the video.

Voice doesn’t match the lips on LG TV

This is probably because of the audio delay that you must be facing. To rectify this issue, Turn on AV sync adjustment and, using the left-right buttons, change the speed of audio as you like it. This shall resolve the issue.

The soundbar is not synced with LG TV.

The soundbar is not synced with LG TV.

Both the TV and soundbar have an option to delay the audio. To do this on the Tv, follow the steps already mentioned. To sync sound on the soundbar, Go to the settings and then the sound tab, and from there, you can toggle the audio speed.

FAQs on Voice Delay on LG TV

What is ThinQ?

ThinQ AI is one of your LG Smart TV’s most intelligent and technically sound voice assistants.

What are the reasons for the Voice delay on LG TV?

Slow internet connection, faulty batteries, and incorrect remote settings could be this error.

List proprietary Voice control systems in TVs.

There’s always Amazon’s Alexa, the beloved google assistant, and of course, Siri on Apple Tv.

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