2 Ideal Ways To Deal With Avast HTML Document

avast html document

Avast is antivirus software that is freely available to download for personal users. Avast HTML document is a file type that the antivirus software converts other documents into, like words docs and PDFs. Users are reported to have issues with their documents since they have installed Avast security software or have scanned their file system using it. Their Word documents or PDFs get converted into a different file type, namely, Avast HTML Document. Due to this, users become unable to use, modify, or edit their files as they intend to, which leads to a decrease in the users’ ease of use and productivity.


Text Documents in Avast HTML Document format

PDF, short for Portable Document File, is a standardized file format introduced by Adobe. It was designed explicitly with text documents in mind. Today, the PDF file format has become a standard for rich documents in almost every field. The most widely used software used to view or edit PDF files is Adobe Acrobat. The same is with word documents, a file format designed by Microsoft. These are also rich text files that can contain graphical elements in them. Both formats are different, but one can be converted into another and vice versa.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, is an entirely different file format, That was designed to transfer Web pages across the Internet. All these file formats are different, with other byte-level arrangements and encodings. Hence, when Antivirus converts these files into Avast HTML document format, they become utterly unusable. As we will see later in this article, there are ways to change the default application for a specific file format to work around this issue.

Video files in Avast HTML Document format

If you have Avast antivirus software installed on your system, then chances are, you have your document files to show up as Avast HTML Document. But some of the users reported having their video files converted into Avast HTML Document. This is not that big of an issue, as the problem can be resolved by changing the default application for videos files. The files do not get corrupted or infected with viruses, as most users assume. It is just that they do not get opened in the intended media player software.

Solutions to Avast HTML Document issue

There are two ways to change the default apps for appropriate file formats.

Through file properties

The first way to change the default application is to change it when to open the file. Follow the following steps to change the default application of the file types.

  1. Right click on the documet file that you want to open.
  2. Click on properties.
  3. In the General tab.
  4. Click on the Change button.
  5. Select the appropritate application to open the particular file type.
Open Properties.
Open Properties.
Changing the property
Click on the Change button.
Adobe acrobat Reader DC

Through Settings

This is the second way to change the default application of file types. In this way, the default application of all the file types can be changed at once. Follow the given steps to resolve the default application issues.

  1. Right click on start menu.
  2. Click on setttings.
  3. Open Apps Section.
  4. On the left hand side select teh Default apps tab.
  5. Scrool down and click on Choose default app by file types.
  6. Select the appropriate application for the file types.
resolving Avast HTML Document problem
Click on ” Choose default apps by file type.”
Choosing Default app


Avast HTML Document files can be converted back to their original file format using any two of the techniques mentioned above. Here we show you the conversion for some common file types. It is not an actual conversion from one file format to another, but just changing the application to open a particular file type would resolve this issue.

Avast HTML document to PDF

To convert all the HTML documents back to PDFs the whole system-wise, follow the given procedure.

  • Follow upto the step 5 of the ‘through settings’ seciton of the article.
  • Look for .pdf in the file types list.
  • Change or set the default app for pdf files to Adobe Acrobat Reader.
pdf opening through adobe acrobat reader

NOTE – If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system, download and install it from here.

Avast HTML Documents to Word document

Convert all the Avast HTML documents back to Word documents by following these simple steps. You must have Microsoft Office suite installed on your system.

  • Follow upto the step 5 of the ‘through settings’ seciton of the article.
  • Look for .docx in the file types list.
  • Change or set the default app for word files to Microsoft Office Word.

Avast HTML Document to jpg

Try this simple procedure to convert Avast Document files back to jpg or jpeg.

  • Follow upto the step 5 of the ‘through settings’ seciton of the article.
  • Look for .jpg/.jpeg in the file types list.
  • Change or set the default app for JPEG image files to Windows Photo Viewer.
Avast HTML Document to jpg

Suggested default applications

A different application can open the same file type, but some of the applications are specifically designed to open a specific file type. Some applications have become so popular that they have become synonyms with a particular file extension. We suggest the best application software to open the most common daily use file types.

File typeSuggested Default App
Word Document (.docx)Microsoft Word
PDF filesAdobe Acrobat
Video files (.mp4, .mkv, etc)VLC media player
Music files (.mp3, .wav, etc)Windows media player
HTML Documets (.html)Chrome

FAQs on Avast HTML Document

When was PDF introduced?

It was introduced in 1992 by Adobe.

Is HTML a scripting Language?

NO, it is a markup language.

Can I set the default app of my choice to any file type?

Yes, as long as it is compatible and works with the file type.


As we saw, Avast is free-to-download multi-platform antivirus software, and when it scans the system for threats, it sometimes changes the default application for some of the file types. This causes the users to face issues accessing their files as they wished to. This article provided you with enough information to change the default application for every file type and suggested some popular default apps for daily used file types. Avast HTML document is not any threat or corruption of system files. It is just a slight change of settings done by Avast antivirus software.

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