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What is VR, and how is Oculus Guardian a crucial component?

It is vital to learn about VR before the “ keeps stopping” issue. Virtual reality is cutting-edge technology developed by scientists not only to feel artificial reality at any time but also to experience a situation with zero possibility in anybody’s lifetime. Now, this reality can be a jump from an enormous mountain without a parachute or fighting a war alone. In any case, both these are not possible. The fundamental feature of VR is to provide humans with an experience that stimulates their human senses and makes them feel comfortable in their own virtually created world.

A significant component like “guardian” is mandatory to control this system. Oculus Quest is an autonomic wireless VR headset that is one of the popular VR gaming platforms among the demographics of society. When users approach gaming-area borders, wall and floor markers are established with the guardian’s support. A transparent mesh grid is presented as a level overlaid over the game when the player approaches a barrier too closely. If you’re seeking a solution to the “ keeps stopping” issue, you are at the right place.

What does “ keeps stopping” mean?

The com.oculus. Guardian is the software’s official name that creates the program’s boundary. Sometimes this software program may experience glitches and faults that prevent them from operating as intended. The warning message “ keeps stopping” is displayed when it crashes. Drivers for this problem can be extensive, and you can look at those reasons further in this write-up.

Fix keeps stopping issue

5 Reasons for the Message “ Keeps Stopping”

Outdated version of Quest

The first reason every user must be aware of is that the guardian may be of an outdated version. The company of oculus frequently releases new versions of this software along with some features. These features have the potential to improve the proper functioning of the device. However, updating the device is overlooked by the users. As a result, applications present inside the VR might stop themselves from proper functioning. 

Guardian cache is Full

As we all know, all electronic devices such as laptops, gaming consoles, and television tend to save something in their memory which is called the cache. Now in the case of quest user’s last saved game or maybe the previous function is prevented from being lost by the cache memory. So, crucial to check the limits.

The device is out of charge

The issue with the Oculus Guardian can be due to a lack of energy inside the device. The headset may stop abruptly if the power is low or not sufficiently recharged. If the user fails to recharge the battery regularly after extensive usage, it might affect the software.

Proximity Sensor Faults

The proximity sensor is one of the most crucial components of a quest headset by the oculus. It is because the senses are responsible for motion-based movements in the device. That means if the sensor crashes for glitches, it will not only affect the lenses of the device but also result in a crash. Consequently, the application of this device stop working, and the message “ keeps stopping” pops up

Faults with Tracking

Guardian and tracking work together extremely carefully to monitor the movement inside the field of play and warn users when they approach the boundary. Due to this emphasis on Tracking, Guardian will become unusable if the system has a problem. Therefore if tracking stops working, the issue “ keeps stopping” rises.

Faults with Tracking

8 Ways to Solve the “ keeps stopping” Issue

A Quick Reboot

  • Disconnect the Oculus VR and simultaneously press the volume down and power keys until the oculus turns on.
  • Adjust the volume button to select the option Factory reset 
  • Use the power keys to confirm it
  • Again, click the volume keys once more. 
  • Choose the “Erase and Factory Reset” by pressing the power key.

Cover the 4 Cameras

In any case, tracking uses the cams to record your movements inside the playing area. Often the camera will cease operating due to a tracking problem or if the playing environment is excessively light. Therefore it is usually recommended to cover the cameras for 4 seconds before using them again.

Shift and Check a Different Play Area

The Guardian software may be more successfully detected by shifting to a brighter and somewhat flat region. Apart from that, avoid reflecting surfaces and be cautious to hide any specific source of excessive light. A problem with lighting can facilitate this issue.

Clearing Cache

To prevent the issue, “ keeps stopping,” you follow these steps:

  • Hit the Oculus key of the controller on the right side.
  • Open Settings from the menu.
  • Choose Clear to erase the guardian data of the Guardian segment.
Clearing Cache on keeps stopping

Recast to the Smartphone

  • Check whether your Quest and phone are linked to the same WiFi.
  • Open the Oculus app and choose the symbol of the headset upper right-hand side of the screen.
  • Choose the Quest under cast form.
  • Make sure the headset is connected and select this phone.
  • Click Start and begin casting to the device after getting authorization.

Accommodate Powerful Batteries

Guardian combined with tracking is a highly potent tech that needs enough power to function correctly. The batteries of the controllers, in addition to the headset packs, are crucial. It is advised that users utilize 1.5V high voltage batteries. Apart from that, an alkaline battery can be effective.

Reset and Disable guardian

  • Use an account to sign in to the device and log into
  • Establish an organization, and then accept the conditions.
  • Then launch the Oculus application. And click on  Settings.
  • Choose Advanced Settings and turn on the Developer Mode.
  • Return to the settings, select Developer Options, and then switch off the guardian.

Approach Oculus

The user should get in touch with Quest directly if you’re still having trouble with the “ keeps stopping” issue to resolve the issue.

FAQs on the “ keeps stopping” issue

Is there any other method to fix the problem?

Yes, change the tracking frequency to 60 Hz, go to settings, and open the device option. After that, adjust the frequency and restart the device.

Are there any other related issues?

There are a couple of errors, like the Quest (VR) forgetting about the previous guardian causing a crash or the “tracking lost” error not allowing further exploration of the play area.

How do we contact Oculus?

That is an easy step, go to the Oculus product website and click on the support option. After that, log in with your account and raise a query.

Why does oculus guardian keep resetting?

When users play as a Guardian, the workspace has undergone a dramatic alteration. Or perhaps after participating on another device, Quest 2 or Rift S did not recall your prior Guardian. In that case, it keeps resetting.

The Synopsis

If you are facing the issue “ keeps stopping,” then some of the problems can be an obsolete version of the device and full cache memory, which facilitates it. However, this section discusses more than enough fixes to eliminate the glitch and ultimately provide the user with the best experience.

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