How long do GPU fans last? Here are 5 Fantastic Methods to Increase Durability

How long do GPU fans last


What is a GPU? and How long do GPU fans last?

Before asking the question, “How long do GPU fans last” one should have clarity about the GPU and its use in the virtual world. A GPU or Graphics Processing Unit is a device or, more specifically, a chip in the virtual world’s quality, consisting of images, animations, and videos.

GPUs are usually recommended for professional and even personal work; however, the essential feature of the device is to reduce the working load on the CPU to clarify on-screen displays. It is usually well known for personal computers and can be used in specific devices like gaming consoles, computers, handsets, and much more.

How long do GPU fans last, Generally?

As mentioned above, the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a complicated device specially used for 3-D visualization, and its expiration is generally seen after 4-5 years of regular and heavy use. However, the fans are long-lasting, lasting 5-6 years depending on the usage. Fans are meant to work 24/7, but the efficiency declines to 2-3 years.

Frequent usage of the device might last longer than used without considerable intervals. Nevertheless, it depends on the quality and standards of the production company and its proposed methods of use. For more information regarding the GPU fans and “How long do GPU fans last,” keep reading further.

How long do GPU fans last, Generally?

Why do GPU Fans have less Durability than Presumed?

There can be an extensive list of explanations and reasons, although some of them are discussed down here:

1.) Immense use of the GPU (Fans)

We all know that if machines are used without brakes, this would rather be a problem than an advantage, especially in the case of sophisticated hardware like this, which is meant to run for a short time rather than a long time. Working on your device for more than the recommended time indirectly affects the processing units and the fans, facilitating the degradation of its durability.

2.) Continous Overheating

There are multiple causes for this problem, for instance, electrical overload on the circuit, specifically on the chips resulting in high temperatures. In this condition, fans are unusually stressed, resulting in decreased lifespan. Excessive heat can also cause vibrations, facilitating these stress components to produce more problems and reduce efficiency. Extreme initiation, stopping, and restarting the device will prevent the fan from cooling appropriately. Consequently, the integrity of the device components suffers from a high-heat atmosphere.

3.) Too Much Dust on the Inner Circuits

Improper cleanliness is one of the significant problems which usually affects human health as well as machine health. I have a common understanding of regular cleaning uses its harmful effects. Usually, the fans can have large concentrations of dust particles and other micro-particles. With time, particle concentration increases, affecting the fan’s inner circuits and preventing it from adequately circulating. It is one of the problems which can be avoidable but mostly is overseen ignored.

4.) Physical Blockage

As mentioned above, a physical blockage can also be a problem. This time there are no minute particles. It can be a large one. For instance, a piece of paper, metal, or anything else can prevent it from working. Furthermore, decontamination keeps the internal temperature up and prevents it from cooling down, which can cause excessive heat over time, making it a rough path for the fans to run. 

5.) Manufacturing Defect

Production errors occur whenever a company produces incorrectly and deviates from its original plan. The producer may be held liable when these production flaws cause customer problems. For instance, if the fan of the GPU has impairments just after it is bought, it directly points out the flaws in the hardware that might be present during production or shipment. Nevertheless, if you want to know “How long do GPU fans last” and how can we increase their durability, follow the below section.

Manufacturing Defect in Fans

How to Avoid GPU Fan Deterioration?

1.) Background Check

Users should check that the fans are constantly moving. You can test this in a few different ways. Begin by restarting your device and keeping an eye on your GPU fans. When your system boots, it typically runs all of the fans at full speed for a few seconds to ensure they are operational. If any of them does not spin throughout this procedure, there is an issue.

2.) Check the Cables

Before going for it, a user should restart the system and check the fans and even if the problem persists, check if there is any loose cable connection on your device, which is acting as a hindrance. A GPU manual can walk you through the procedure, and you might correct that issue that would result in permanent damage.

3.) Unclog the Blockage

To have cleanliness is an obligation even in the machine world. The basic is to have frequent cleaning sessions of machines. Specifically in the case of GPU fans, as they can concentrate a large number of particles within different sizes. Some excellent methods include using a clean, taking it to the service center for deep cleaning, and unclogging the fan compartment. It is the most efficient approach, which can also be the key to “How long do GPU fans last.”

Unclog the Blockage in Fans

4.) Direct the GPU Fan Curve

You can adjust the fan curve if you’d like the fans to start spinning before they currently do. A fan curve typically plots the temperature of the card against the speed. Unless your GPU fan isn’t spinning, the fan curve may have aligned inaccurately. Some of the best utilities for modifying your GPU fan curve are out there. You can also use AMD software to correct any problems.

5.) Return the GPU to the Manufacturer

“How long do GPU fans last” wrap your mind around this. Although it’s not a secured remedy, users could try substituting the GPU fans if they feel comfortable with the situation. Conversely, if the GPU is still under guarantee, a user should be able to return it to the producer for a substitute or a reimbursement of the amount. 

How long do GPU Fans last at 100, or if we are mining?

While mining, GPU boards, and fans are pushed to their limits, it all results in overheating. If the power limit is reached and prolonged with time, it will directly affect the inner circuits. So, generally, the fans have durability for up to 3 years only.

FAQs on How long do GPU fans last

Generally, “How long do GPU fans last?”

GPU fan’s lifespan is typically 4-5 years after regular and heavy use.

Why are Fans important to Clean?

It reduces the amount of solid minute litter in the fan compartment, which would otherwise contribute to overheating.

What is the fundamental approach to increasing Fan durability?

There are various approaches; however most efficient one is to avoid overheating and cleaning.

Can GPU fans be replaced?

Yes, it can be easily replaced without cost if it is under warranty. Otherwise, you can return it to the manufacturer for a replacement with charges.

Concluding Thoughts

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is a complex device used explicitly for 3-D visualization, and a GPU fan’s lifespan is typically 4-5 years of regular and heavy use. The device’s primary function is to reduce the workload on the CPU to clarify on-screen displays. On the other hand, the fans are long-lasting, lasting 5-6 years depending on usage. Now that you know “How long do GPU fans last” from this context and how we can improve it, you are ready to go.

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