[Fixed] PPS 6180: A Free Guide for the ‘Pre-Paid’ Error

pps 6180

PPS 6180: In this era of technological advances, where there is a sprawling network of getting the world in just a fist, and the innovations have been proven right, there is a thing known as errors. To err is to human is a general saying, but not much can be said about the desirability of its machine version, i.e., to err to tech. Both hold, but the latter one gives a person a hard time! On the sidelines of this very thought, there is an error coded PPS 6180, which is the area of today’s discussion.

In the wake of users’ common complaints, including the Error PPS 6180, i.e., the number you are calling is not reachable, we at toolspond have decided to step up for you and to provide you all the information regarding identifying the cause and even fix it.


PPS 6180 (Not reachable) – The reasons behind it

As we have already stated in our previous articles, there is never one single reason for an error to occur. A variety of reasons, individually or even in a combined way, induce the error. In the same way, there are many reasons for this error PS 6180 to occur and for you to hear that mechanical voice saying, ” the number you are dialing is not reachable”.

Sim card not on the phone

Sim card not on the phone

The recipient’s SIM card isn’t in their smartphone, which could explain the call intercept message “the number you are trying to contact is not reachable.” When reaching a number without a SIM card installed, a “not reachable” call intercept message is displayed. This could be a very common reason why the error PPS 6180 is happening. As the phone call and the number are connected only when the sim card is there in the dedicated slot, and hence network cables are working.

Network Problem

This is also a very common yet big reason for this error to occur. Network coverage is a must-have amenity nowadays as everything is dependent on that. Without good network coverage, you find yourself 100s of years back in time, which, however pleasing it must sound, is not a very good feeling if you need to contact someone as soon as possible. Neither does anyone like the PPS 6180 error and the voice that says, “the number you are trying to contact is not reachable.”

When a recipient isn’t in a network-covered region or has any other network connectivity issues with their device, In general, wait a few minutes and try contacting the number again. This should solve the problem.

Phone lines are congested.

The call intercept notification “the number you are trying to call is not reachable” would also be caused by congestion on the network provider’s end.” At specific periods of the day, some area codes are overloaded, and contacting a number in such area code will most likely result in this message. Dialing the number repeatedly resolves the problem, as the load on the phone lines decreases and calls resume normal operation.

The number is no longer in service.

You’ll get the “not reachable” intercept message if a number is out of service. This could be due to the client failing to renew their phone bills, causing the network provider to cancel the connection, or it could be due to long periods of inactivity, causing the phone line to be blocked. This call intercept message is generated by anything that has to do with the customer’s account and its operations. This could also mean that the number is discontinued, and hence it is not able to be connected to a phone line. This is a very legitimate reason for the error PPS 6180.

Damaged phone or battery removed.

Damaged phone or battery removed.

Callers will receive the “not reachable” message if the recipient removes the battery from their phone. The reason for this is because mobile phones notify the nearest base station of their availability to take calls regularly, and they also notify the base station when the phone is turned off through the power button, so you get the notification that the phone is “shut off.” However, in this instance, the phone is unable to communicate its status to the nearest base state, either because it is broken or because the battery has been removed.

Incoming calls are not allowed.

Sometimes there exist some calls that, when dialed back, are not able to connect. It means you cannot call any callback number, even if you want. PPS 6180, which is not a reachable error signal, is received in this case. Because you are contacting a phone number that does not accept incoming calls, you may receive the “not reachable” message. Some businesses and institutions may have phones that only enable outgoing calls, making it very hard to call back. If you suspect this, do some research on the number to check where the call originated and contact a public number they have.

Fake Numbers:

The numbers of telemarketing agents are often fake and have no credibility as such. You’re probably getting the call intercept notification “the number you are trying to reach is not available” because you’re dialing a counterfeit number if the number left on your caller ID is unknown. These crooks use software to alter the digits that show on a recipient’s phone when they call it, making it difficult to dial the phone number. If you believe you’ve been spammed, robocalled, or that telemarketers have your phone number.

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Call Bombing Numbers

Call Bombing Numbers

Have you ever been tricked by your friends by repeatedly getting phone calls from some kinda weird number, and the sheer number of the calls is so much that you find your phone lagging or hanging badly. This, my friends, are called Call bombing. Sometimes the numbers used to call you when dialed back generate PPS 6180 error and hence prompts, not reachable.

How to fix PPS 6180

There are more than one ways to fix an issue. Similarly, in the case of the PPS 6180 error, there are also multiple things one can do to just scrape the error altogether. We will, however, list only the most effective ones so that our worthy readers do not have to waste their precious time.

Check that you are not blocked

Text the recipient and tell them to check if they have mistakenly added to their block list and if it’s the case, tell them to remove you ASAP. Else it would be a very lousy thing to add a friend to the blocklist and still expect a call from them. I mean, this isn’t High school, right ?!

Recall after waiting

This solves a lot of the problems. The number will most likely be inaccessible if the region has poor network coverage or the weather is terrible. Waiting a while usually solves the problem.

Verizon Message PPS 6180

The reason you’re seeing this error message is that the person’s account has been suspended at this time. The account must be paid for their services to be restored, which means you will be able to phone them, and they will be able to call others on their device.

FAQs on PPS 6180

What does PPS 6180 mean?

PPS stands for Prepaid Service, and the 6180 error means the individual does not have service, funds, or is disconnected.

How to deliberately make a number not reachable?

Just forward the call to an expired or disconnected number. Go to the call settings of your mobile phone, and there you will find the option of forwarding calls.

What do callers hear when they are blocked?

If your Call Block setting is set to Block Calls, the blocked caller hears nothing as they are immediately disconnected.

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