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Whether you are a manufacturing, distribution, or construction company, every business needs to invest in digital marketing. Most of your customers search online before making a purchase. This is especially true of B2B businesses.

Did You Know?

90% of all business-to-business purchase research begins with an online search – Google

If you don’t want to squander this opportunity, you need a hand that guides you through the minefield of failed marketing. ActiveConversion promises to be just that for all the B2B companies.

Read on to find out how ActiveConversion helps generate and nurture leads and increase your ROI.

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What is ActiveConversion?

There are many digital marketing solutions and software available that promise to deliver major returns. But one key difference is that ActiveConversion was built exclusively for the needs and requirements of B2B companies. PPC ads, while useful, don’t particularly suit B2B, where sales cycles are long and products are complex.

ActiveConversion is a digital advertising platform that helps connect advertisers and publishers globally to generate excellent ROI from digital campaigns.

They help B2B businesses advertise in relevant niche publications, generate leads with intent, nurture them along the sales cycle, and finally convert them into customers.

Who is it for?

B2B advertisers: You can advertise in niche publications with highly targeted traffic and generate intent-based leads.

Digital publishers: Attract advertisers by providing them with valuable intent data while maintaining total control and ownership.

Marketing agencies: Helps you serve your B2B clients better by giving them the results they want.

Features of ActiveConversion

For B2B advertisers

ActiveConversion has platforms like Customer Data Platform (CDP) and AdCONNECT that help you advertise effectively.

They have a large publisher network that includes 80% of all B2B publishing to help you reach out to a wide audience.

ActiveConversion platform

CDP helps convert online interest from your marketing and advertising into actionable sales intelligence. It gives you everything you need to find more sales leads and convert them by eliminating data silos.

CDP uses persistent identity resolution to unmask the people interacting with your brand, follow them through their buyer’s journey, and collect data across devices, channels, and time. The platform provides both first-party (your own website) and second-party (publisher’s website) intent data to narrow down which leads are displaying the highest levels of interest.

Their platform displays real-time data and can alert specific team members if a key lead is re-engaging and is close to a buying decision. You can also see campaign attribution with leads to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns.

One of the best features of this platform is built-in predictive analytics. It scores your leads on their level of purchase intent and potential to become sales opportunities to prevent wasting time on unqualified leads.

With AdCONNECT, you get to travel with your leads down the sales pipeline. It shows you details like the name and email id of people interacting with your advertisement. It also helps you follow them through the buyer’s journey and refine your reach out using that data.

You are provided with data that shows you what they did after their initial click. It makes it easy to know what products or services the lead is interested in and allows your sales to reach out with relevant information. You can also integrate with various CRM platforms.

With the ActiveConversion platform, the average advertiser sees a 5-10X increase in ROI.

For digital publishers

If you are a digital publisher looking to deliver clear results and good ROI to advertisers, ActiveConversion can help you. The platform will aid in your quest of reclaiming advertisers from the large PPC giants.

The platform helps you share data about interested clients directly with the advertisers. Unlike other publishers who can show advertisers only impressions and clicks on their ads, with this platform, an advertiser can follow leads through the buying journey. This means more leads can be attributed to advertising on your publication.

This platform allows the advertisers to pay for the performance of the campaign. You can bill your clients per lead shared with them and even charge different amounts based on qualification and intent criteria.

For marketing agencies

If you are a marketing agency, you can partner with ActiveConversion to give your clients the tools they need for success. You will stand out of the pack because they only work with select B2B-focused agencies and limits the number in each area.

Referring the platform to B2B businesses and publishers can earn you money. You can also get commission on an ongoing basis per lead shared for any publisher who joins their network because of you.

The platform is integrated with a large network of publisher databases to transfer lead generation data seamlessly. B2B clients in your area that require marketing support will be sent your way. And the best part about partnering with them is they give you free training and everything you need to be a successful agency partner.

Getting Started

ActiveConversion Free Trial

For B2B marketing to start using the platform, you can either request a demo or start a 14-day free trial. Fill in the basic contact information and send the request. They will contact you with the next steps. The prices will be based on your requirements starting from $395 per feature per month.

Publisher partnerships

If you are a publisher interested in partnering with them and joining their publisher network, fill out the partnership form and send in a request.

Similarly, if you are a B2B marketing agency, fill out the form and send in the request. They will contact you to discuss the options.

In the end…

ActiveConversion is the ideal platform for B2B companies looking to venture into new markets or expand in their existing markets. With a growing publisher network, they help you advertise to a highly targeted audience and yield maximum conversions. Publishers and agencies joining their network can deliver a much better experience to their clients. You can always request a demo to check if the platform truly suits your needs.

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What is ActiveConversion?

ActiveConversion is a digital advertising platform that helps connect advertisers and publishers globally to generate excellent ROI from digital campaigns.

Who is this platform for?

It is for B2B advertisers, digital publishers, and marketing agenices.

Are there any other alternatives?

There are other marketing platforms like it but none that are exclusively for B2B.

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